Monday, February 1, 2010

REUNION DINNER tastes even BETTER this TIGER YEAR, thanks to veteran actress CHEN LIPING.


How do we describe her?

In three little words …..

She is cute, fun, very versatile.

And definitely, one of SINGAPORE’s best loved actresses.

When it comes to au naturel acting, not that many come close, at least, not in Singapore.

Her diction, her gesticulations, her vivid portrayal of the undaunting mother never fails to strike a chord in our hearts, always.

She is simple, her versatility puts us at ease and we laugh and cry with her her as she goes on in her gamut of roles.

Take this poignant scene from last year’s drama series REUNION DINNER.

It’s the eve of the Chinese New Year where the entire family sits down for the once-a-year round the table gathering.

Here she is, serving the festive foods.

Her wimp-of-a-husband has been offered a high paying position by an ex-Caucasian client.

Her dementia stricken father-in-law has just unwittingly complimented her as being the “best daughter-in-law” around.

Suddenly intense happiness assails her and as the camera follows her brisk saunter to the kitchen to get more soup,

her eyes are welling up with genuine tears …

Camera closes in on:

her face as she brushes aside tears of pride and joy that speak volumes of the long hard years that had not been in vain ….

How can we forget this heart-warming scene as it keeps on playing over and over again in my mind, reminding me of my own mother?

I wish my own mother is still living so that I can give her a hug,


REUNION DINNER was aired in SINGAPORE before the LUNAR NEW YEAR of 2009 (exactly one year ago), but it tastes even better this time round.

With a grande dame like Ms CHEN LIPING around, who really cares for attention grabbing eye-candies?



It’s the LUNAR YEAR of The TIGER.

A time for reflection upon the past before embarking on a brand new Chinese year.

Isn’t it right that, if time could really stand still,

we’d have freeze it here …..

we’d have handled things a lot more differently?

Regrets we all have many.

Who don’t?

We are all creatures of imperfections.

Let’s begin this Lunar New Year by saluting all mothers.


This word conjures an image of a stoic woman,

A woman who believes in selfless love for her children.

A mother who expects nothing in return,

Perhaps, except, maybe, for some love and care on our part.

Too shy to say “I love you” to your mum?

Don’t be.

Give her a warm hug

and that alone would speak wonders.

Treasure her when she still around,

lest when she’s long gone one day

and you’ll live with regrets that you haven’t done so.

How do you describe


“To some love is just a word

To me it’s a feeling

A feeling

I get everytime I look into your eyes

A feeling I get when I realize you’re my mum,

A mum who loves, shares,

A mom who inspires

Unconditionally …..

What’s that?

That’s love

A mother’s love,

but only you would know

And me

You returned that love

time and time again

Possibly too much,

nevertheless you did

Thank You

Thank You for being there when I needed you most

For being my rock when I should have been yours,

Thank you for believing in me,

even when I doubted myself

For being the one person I could trust

No matter what,

No matter where

But most of all, “Thank You” for being you ….

my mum,

A mum I am so proud to claim


Now and always.”


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