Tuesday, June 29, 2010

KEN THEERADEJ, Thai Heart-Throb Actor. "SIZE? I LIKE it my WAY!"

Step aside, ANANDA EVERINGHAM (he’s the lead beautiful boy from Thai horror film SHUTTER).

Here comes KEN THEERADEJ, currently the FOREMOST, albeit – most bankable actor in THAILAND.

KEN is a household name with his slew of highly rated family dramas and a recent successful feature BANGKOK TRAFFIC LOVE STORY .

He is a beefcake, an intellectual hunk and most of all, he's very well adored…… ahmmm …..endowed.

And like all fallible humans, he does experience the occasional “rude” unexpected awakening.

He is after all, a hot-blooded male.

If curiosity can kill your cat, read further.

It’s just a matter of SIZE and SIZING it up, man.

“Excuse me, Mind your Naughty Bulge.”

Even celebrities have their fifteen minutes of embarrassment, when the inquisitive paparazzi put them in uncompromising situations, as in the case of heartthrob KEN THEERADEJ.

Check the above titillating pictures.

Everyone around him were doing the respectful “wai” but observe KEN’s bored expressions.

What was on his mind?

He looked a sultry hapless, but his crotch was growing, gnawing and glowing with seething impatience.

Oh, naughty Ken.

“Oh, what were you thinking?”

“Look, I was just minding my business glorifying myself, can’t I?” he smirked.

Maybe he was wearing tight undies and that “little thing down there” was suffocating for want of fresh air …..

Now, fret not, folks.

Each and everyone of us do get caught off-guard sometimes.

Right ….

Heard of the 60s song:

HOORAY FOR HAZEL, she put me down,

Hooray for Hazel, she made me her clown,

Hooray for Hazel, she’s up to her tricks,

Hooray for Hazel, she’s getting her kicks!

The paparazzi must have had a field day …..

but who on earth is HAZEL anyway?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

So YOU are DOWN in the DUMPS, my FRIEND?


Stare blankly at the empty space just right in front of you?

Or you close your eyes, sigh resignedly …..

and ponder over the day’s happenings?

Do you grimace when the poop takes a little longer than usual to surface …..

But no matter ….

The day’s goings may be rough – because each and everyone of us do get constipated in ideas and forms once in a while.

We are what we eat,

We are what we put into our brains,

Sometimes life’s experiences can harden our hearts making us increasingly resentful and afraid for no apparent reasons,

Not easy,

Confronting our own inner demons,

Facing toxic people …..

Shall we start a fresh attitude?

When we look to see that yesterday was yesterday, and now it is gone.

Today is TODAY and now it is NEW ….

It is like that every hour, every minute is changing.

Wish we can transform terror and pain into joy and compassion.

SRI AUROBINDO says in his poetry on SUFFERING:

” The vast universal suffering feel as thine:
Thou must bear the sorrow that thou claimst to heal;
The day-bringer must walk in darkest night.
He who would save the world must share its pain.
If he knows not grief, how shall he find grief’s cure? “

Even ANIMALS have a right to live, you know?

Have you witnessed the brutal killing of animals in uncivilized countries?

Chickens have their heads chopped clean off with an ax.

Goats and sheep have their throats cut. You lead them out to a patch of bare ground below the stable, where you pin them down to the ground with their heads pulled back and their arteries opened.

The killings are often mechanical and impassive.

Chickens would be the most frenzied : they will run around insanely, spouting blood.

The sheep are the most docile. They stand almost stupidly as they bleed, watching the world fade away.

Now pigs are a different matter. The pigs would have their legs trussed up and rolled on their backs. Then you pierce a thin filament of iron right deep into their hearts.

There is no sound on earth like the sound of a pig dying. It is a shriek that tears at the primal, unconscious mind. It is the noise of babies abandoned, of women taken by force, of the hinges of the world tearing loose.

The screaming starts from the moment the pig is seized, as if it knows what is about to happen. The pig squeals and cries, it defecates in terror, but nothing will stop its life converging to a zero on the point of that thin metal stick.

NOW, having known all these, when you look at the scrumptious piece of charbroiled meat on your platter during meal time, what would your reaction be?


Bless you, my friend.

Friday, June 25, 2010

THE BACK-UP PLAN Movie Preview. "SIR, Can you spare me your SPERM?"


Excuse me …..

Are you in a flippant mood now and wanna take a dig at something?

Then let’s check out this romantic comedy called THE BACK-UP PLAN.

It stars the ever effervescent JENNIFER LOPEZ.

An illustrative anecdote of the plot?

Nothing sugary along the fine line of MARY POPPINS’ cheesy “just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”.

This one is rather, a naughty sexist poke at “Excuse me, Sir, can you spare me your sperm?”

This is the BACK-UP PLAN, for starters.

We should move next to the MAIN course.

THE BACK-UP PLAN boldly assures us that beauty is not everything …. (gasp)

and that NOT all vivacious and voluptuous women are guaranteed a heavenly ticket to conjugal bliss.

As in the case of ZOE (JENNIFER LOPEZ), a corporate woman turns pet shop owner.

She probably has enjoyed countless dates and a few relationships, yet true love is eluding her.

She becomes a desperado.

Who can really blame her?

When she realizes that her biological clock is ticking away, she panics, does a “Johnny-come-lately stance” and decides on her own back-up plan of being a single mother, by having her own baby.

She does some soul searching and accepts artificial insemination as a viable solution, and goes to the fertility clinic for her “jab”.

But Cupid intervenes and springs on her a last-minute surprise.

On that fateful day, upon completing her insemination process, she bumps into STAN (ALEX O’LOUGHLIN) the beau-of-her-dream in a taxi, and fights with him over “whoever gets into the taxi first”.

It is this chance encounter that love beckons under the most ridiculous circumstance.

STAN is a sexy himbo (male term for bimbo) – an organic goat’s cheese maker at that, who aspires to open a gourmet shop.

He’s smitten by ZOE’s sex-in-the-city persona and decides to woo her.

Likewise, ZOE drools over his "come-touch-me-here" six pack abs and longs to get into his pants.

So 1 + 1 = 2 horny animals.

Nurturing this new found love-cum-sexual relationship is baffling for ZOE who tries to conceal her early signs of pregnancy from STAN, thereby resulting in a comedy of errors.

After the fleeting period of excitement knowing that she is going to be a mother, she now has to face the throes of pregnancy blues alone.

Her best friend sharply reminds her that a woman in her early stages of pregnancy may develop a withdrawal symptom such as an unusual craving for food and sex.

Gags aplenty in the form of love, food and sex are properly executed to provide the comedic banter and laugh out situations.

The Back-Up Plan can be an acceptable romantic romp in the park, that is, if you follow the roller coaster of love’s “now you see, now you don’t”.

It is said that JENNIFER LOPEZ hopes for a triumphant return to the big screen after giving birth to twins.

Her last feature EL CANTANTE tanked dismally at the box office.

THE BACK-UP PLAN is a warm, glossy holiday fable that has some surprising sweet notes.

Relish some tender, family-friendly moments with J.LO and ALEX O’LOUGHLIN, both giving mesmerizing performances.

All in all, THE BACK-UP PLAN is a fun-fun-fun romantic comedy dedicated to fans of J.LO.

And for that alone, it serves the very purpose.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

THE LEGEND IS BORN: IP MAN 葉問前傳 Movie Review. The FIGHTS are leaner, cleaner and astonishingly heart-pounding.


There’s little doubt that DONNIE YEN is widely acknowledged as IP MAN, the brand.

DONNIE YEN is indeed, IP MAN.

This association has been cleverly crafted.

It’s a star positioning that has been successfully entrenched in the heart and mind of the Chinese movie goers all over the world.

IP MAN is a true cinematic legend now. So is the art of WING CHUN.

It’s a lucrative formula that has made actor DONNIE YEN a superstar,

And for film producer RAYMOND WONG, he has hit “boom time charlie” with the IP MAN chronicles.

2010 is the year of IP MAN. And WING CHUN.

It’s a box office roll, a successful cash cow that maketh the world go round.

And as money speaks, more IP MAN productions are in the pipeline, moving across the drawing boards, jumping on the bandwagon.

We are having an overkill here, so stay braced.

So what of THE LEGEND IS BORN: IP MAN, the newest offering directed by HERMAN YAU from a competitive camp?

HERMAN promises unique martial arts sequences that have never been seen before and fights between real life WING CHUN professionals.

It’s another IP MAN movie reprisal, this time around it has this studious-looking newcomer DENNIS TO YU-HANG (he is reminding me of Singapore actor NAT HO) playing the pivotal role of the Grand Master.

Incidentally, DENNIS TO has REAL fight credits. He happens to be a true disciple of the IP MAN’s School of Wing Chun and was the original martial arts consultant on the DONNIE YEN’s IP MAN series.

DENNIS is the current World Kung Fu Champion, the first Hong Kong Champion of the 2005 East Asia Games and winner of various international martial arts tournaments.

And his portrayal of the legendary IP MAN with quiet charm and grit is justifiable enough for us to sit up and take notice.

This dude can fight!

THE LEGEND IS BORN: IP MAN is a semi-fictionalized prequel.

It transports us back to a time, way before the 1st IP MAN movie – and chronicles the formative years of the WING CHUN pugilist.

From his younger days, IP MAN was already learning WING CHUN from CHAN WAH-SHUN (SAMMO HUNG), NG CHUNG-SUI (YUEN BIAO), and subsequently from LEUNG BIK (IP CHUN).

This film focuses on IP MAN’s resistance against the invading Japanese and his romantic relationships with the woman he eventually marries CHEUNG WING-SING (CRYSTAL HUANG) and his fellow student LI MEI WAI (ROSE CHAN) who is secretly in love with him.

The staging of the fights are awesome.

A correct Wing Chun stance is like a piece of bamboo, firm but flexible, rooted but yielding. This structure is used to either deflect external forces or redirect them.

At its heart, it is about motion, forward motion, momentum, unfolding spectacle, BONE CRUNCHING and HEART STOMPING stances in true WING CHUN style.

Yet there is a soul in the midst of all its bone crunching mayhem, big in power and scope.

The multi-layered actions are pow-wow, fast and furious and will definitely keep you on edge of your seat.

So who’s a better WING CHUN performer, DONNIE YEN or DENNIS TO?

Grand master IP CHUN airs his views:

“DONNIE excelled and trained extremely hard in WING CHUN for his movies. To the untrained eye it looks fantastic, but a real WING CHUN master would take one look at his moves and know that it wasn’t pure WING CHUN,

DONNIE does not have a foundation in WING CHUN, so no matter how hard he trained, some of his non-WING CHUN fighting moves would be noticeable!”

Well said, but DONNIE YEN has that “majestic” albeit charismatic presence that newcomer DENNIS TO would have to take many long years to accomplish.

Well, something’s gotta give, right?

Director HERMAN YAU has helmed an admirable movie that’s truly entertaining, at best.

Whilst the rip-roaring actions in DONNIE YEN’s IP MAN aim to glorify, the fights in THE LEGEND IS BORN, on the other hand, seek to justify.

It’s all in true WING CHUN form.

Friday, June 18, 2010

“I am always ME,” enthuses Ng HUI 黃慧 Singapore Actress. Sometimes, being UNDERSTATED has its MERITS.

NG HUI Singapore Actress

SHE played AH TAO, the self-sacrificing maid in the SINGAPORE MEDIA CORP’s 45th anniversary offering “THE LITTLE NONYA”, which to date, is still the Station’s highest rated drama of all time, in the Republic.

It was the role that bagged her the BEST SUPPORTINGACTRESS accolade (2009) and made her a household name in countries that aired THE LITTLE NONYA.

She definitely stole “the thunder” from the leads, in practically every scene that she appeared in as the chirpy, loyal and caring peranakan maid from a long gone era.

How could we ever forget her as she fleshed out that singular role that “fitted her like a glove”?

She does not need to be the lead actress to be adored.

This is to tell us, that, there’s this uncultured pearl, and if your employer sees your potential and is willing to give you a “good shine”, you can always sparkle!

You just have to fight the favoritism and the politics.

For a fact, NG HUI‘s features resemble the popular Hong Kong TVB actress KENIX KWOK.

Yet we hope that she would not be taken for granted and that her fate would not be like KARA HUI who started so young, and after more than 2 decades, stormed the industry again in 2010 with her best actress role in the recent “AT THE END OF DAYBREAK”.

We are profoundly bored with reading the same old shit about the 7 princesses that the Station is trying in vain to promote and retain, as some of these are leaving the nest for greener pasture without even a ‘gracias’ murmur.

Such a shame!

So what is the weekly 8 Days tabloid and her Chinese counterpart doing? Boring everyone with the same alluring faces + same mundane news, decked in different clothes weekly?

Come on, give us a break! (yawn)

But of course, it’s much safer to tread on familiar grounds because the notion is “the choice of beautiful top liners on the covers can sell the magazines better”.

Hey, content is what everything is about …..

which is why most of the 2010 dramas for want of “freshness” are so predictably stale and induce sleep.

Switch to another channel, please!

Where happened to the writing team who gave us THE GOLDEN PATH, REUNION DINNER, THE LITTLE NONYA and TOGETHER?

We feel that NG HUI is pretty much “understated”…..

that she has an unspoken charm, one that is not garish, loud, obvious, or even ubiquitous.

It’s a charm that is subtly-chic, and doesn’t cry for attention.

“I love my job as an actress,” she gushes, “it’s been something that I’ve always to do this life.”

We hear that the Station’s magnificent talent scouts are furiously roping in male and female “stars” from Taiwan, China and Malaysia?

The latest sign-ups from MALAYSIA is a far cry from what we were expecting. Try harder!

What will happen to the home bred Singapore regulars lying on home ground?

Leave them to rot?

The neighbor grass is greener?

Isn’t there a wise Chinese proverb that says “prosperous waters do not flow into others’ meadows”?

So much for casting the safety net.

When others chose to quit the nest, NG HUI remains fiercely loyal to her employers.

ACTING is her dream career, no less, in her own words.

Our team hunts her down and here’s NG HUI‘s candid revelations on her life and work:

1. What is your ethnicity and astrological sign?

Chinese. Born & bred in Singapore.


2. Was LITTLE NONYA your BEST drama to date?

It depends on your definition of best. My role as Ah Tao in the Little Nyonya allowed me to showcase my acting skills to a great potential and I put in my very best in all the roles given to me and aim to fully portray the roles as real as possible.

3. Did you audition for the role? Gossip mill has it that MAY PHUA was originally slated for the part, but opted out because she was expecting?


Gossips are meant to be taken with a pinch of salt.

4. Would you consider playing AH TAU the peranakan maid a difficult role? How did you prepare yourself for this role?

All the roles I have played so far have a certain degree of difficulty in them.

I always make sure I read and understand the script and the character’s emotional journey fully followed by an in-depth character analysis of the role. I will then embark on my own journey of discovering that character within myself and try my very best to be in the role.

5. Was there an affable working chemistry between you and the merry cast of XIANG YU, JEANETTE AW and JOANNE PEH during the filming of LITTLE NONYA?

Yes, not just with them but the whole cast as well.

It is always about teamwork and a good team produces good results.

6. What advice would you give to someone what wants to get into the acting industry?

Be sure to know what you are coming into the acting industry for.

If it is for the fame or fortune, think twice, think hard and think deep.

7. What is your personality like?


8. What was your proudest moment?

None that I can really remember.

I have always been reminded to stay humble.

9. Name any incident that made you sad or upset?

The premature departure of the people I know.

10. What are your interests or hobbies?

Travelling. Photography. Culture and the Arts.

11. What is that you wanted to do in life, but never gotten around to do it?

Nothing that I really remembered.

12. Where have you traveled that impressed you a lot?


That was many many years back though. It could have changed by now but I will be going there very soon to find out.

13. What are your types of food?

Fresh and nutritional ones

14. What would be your ideal guy for boy friend …a corporate business minded man or a gorgeous hunk?

Both can do

There is never an ideal. It is all in the mind.

I believe in fate yet still has the right to choose.

Make the best of what you have but never make do.

15. Have you decided that acting would be what you would really like to do for the rest of your life?


16. Who in the entertainment industry do you look up to and who is closest to you in your family?

Lydia Sum. For her professionalism and her kindness towards the people around her.

My parents.

17. What is your personal motto?

To learn. To love. To live.

18. What is love in your point of view?


19. Do you have a special someone presently?

Lots. My family and my close friends all have a very special place in my heart.

20. Is there life after LITTLE NONYA for you in terms of role playing?

Definitely. Everyone is role playing all the time. We all play roles in our everyday lives and we should put down our masks sometimes and have the courage to face the world as who we truly are and learn to be better human beings.

21. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Realistic. Artistic. Simplistic.

21. Is there anything else you want to leave to your readers out there?

Do visit www.nghui.com and join my fan page on Facebook.

Hopefully it will make a good difference in your life :)