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“I am always ME,” enthuses Ng HUI 黃慧 Singapore Actress. Sometimes, being UNDERSTATED has its MERITS.

NG HUI Singapore Actress

SHE played AH TAO, the self-sacrificing maid in the SINGAPORE MEDIA CORP’s 45th anniversary offering “THE LITTLE NONYA”, which to date, is still the Station’s highest rated drama of all time, in the Republic.

It was the role that bagged her the BEST SUPPORTINGACTRESS accolade (2009) and made her a household name in countries that aired THE LITTLE NONYA.

She definitely stole “the thunder” from the leads, in practically every scene that she appeared in as the chirpy, loyal and caring peranakan maid from a long gone era.

How could we ever forget her as she fleshed out that singular role that “fitted her like a glove”?

She does not need to be the lead actress to be adored.

This is to tell us, that, there’s this uncultured pearl, and if your employer sees your potential and is willing to give you a “good shine”, you can always sparkle!

You just have to fight the favoritism and the politics.

For a fact, NG HUI‘s features resemble the popular Hong Kong TVB actress KENIX KWOK.

Yet we hope that she would not be taken for granted and that her fate would not be like KARA HUI who started so young, and after more than 2 decades, stormed the industry again in 2010 with her best actress role in the recent “AT THE END OF DAYBREAK”.

We are profoundly bored with reading the same old shit about the 7 princesses that the Station is trying in vain to promote and retain, as some of these are leaving the nest for greener pasture without even a ‘gracias’ murmur.

Such a shame!

So what is the weekly 8 Days tabloid and her Chinese counterpart doing? Boring everyone with the same alluring faces + same mundane news, decked in different clothes weekly?

Come on, give us a break! (yawn)

But of course, it’s much safer to tread on familiar grounds because the notion is “the choice of beautiful top liners on the covers can sell the magazines better”.

Hey, content is what everything is about …..

which is why most of the 2010 dramas for want of “freshness” are so predictably stale and induce sleep.

Switch to another channel, please!

Where happened to the writing team who gave us THE GOLDEN PATH, REUNION DINNER, THE LITTLE NONYA and TOGETHER?

We feel that NG HUI is pretty much “understated”…..

that she has an unspoken charm, one that is not garish, loud, obvious, or even ubiquitous.

It’s a charm that is subtly-chic, and doesn’t cry for attention.

“I love my job as an actress,” she gushes, “it’s been something that I’ve always to do this life.”

We hear that the Station’s magnificent talent scouts are furiously roping in male and female “stars” from Taiwan, China and Malaysia?

The latest sign-ups from MALAYSIA is a far cry from what we were expecting. Try harder!

What will happen to the home bred Singapore regulars lying on home ground?

Leave them to rot?

The neighbor grass is greener?

Isn’t there a wise Chinese proverb that says “prosperous waters do not flow into others’ meadows”?

So much for casting the safety net.

When others chose to quit the nest, NG HUI remains fiercely loyal to her employers.

ACTING is her dream career, no less, in her own words.

Our team hunts her down and here’s NG HUI‘s candid revelations on her life and work:

1. What is your ethnicity and astrological sign?

Chinese. Born & bred in Singapore.


2. Was LITTLE NONYA your BEST drama to date?

It depends on your definition of best. My role as Ah Tao in the Little Nyonya allowed me to showcase my acting skills to a great potential and I put in my very best in all the roles given to me and aim to fully portray the roles as real as possible.

3. Did you audition for the role? Gossip mill has it that MAY PHUA was originally slated for the part, but opted out because she was expecting?


Gossips are meant to be taken with a pinch of salt.

4. Would you consider playing AH TAU the peranakan maid a difficult role? How did you prepare yourself for this role?

All the roles I have played so far have a certain degree of difficulty in them.

I always make sure I read and understand the script and the character’s emotional journey fully followed by an in-depth character analysis of the role. I will then embark on my own journey of discovering that character within myself and try my very best to be in the role.

5. Was there an affable working chemistry between you and the merry cast of XIANG YU, JEANETTE AW and JOANNE PEH during the filming of LITTLE NONYA?

Yes, not just with them but the whole cast as well.

It is always about teamwork and a good team produces good results.

6. What advice would you give to someone what wants to get into the acting industry?

Be sure to know what you are coming into the acting industry for.

If it is for the fame or fortune, think twice, think hard and think deep.

7. What is your personality like?


8. What was your proudest moment?

None that I can really remember.

I have always been reminded to stay humble.

9. Name any incident that made you sad or upset?

The premature departure of the people I know.

10. What are your interests or hobbies?

Travelling. Photography. Culture and the Arts.

11. What is that you wanted to do in life, but never gotten around to do it?

Nothing that I really remembered.

12. Where have you traveled that impressed you a lot?


That was many many years back though. It could have changed by now but I will be going there very soon to find out.

13. What are your types of food?

Fresh and nutritional ones

14. What would be your ideal guy for boy friend …a corporate business minded man or a gorgeous hunk?

Both can do

There is never an ideal. It is all in the mind.

I believe in fate yet still has the right to choose.

Make the best of what you have but never make do.

15. Have you decided that acting would be what you would really like to do for the rest of your life?


16. Who in the entertainment industry do you look up to and who is closest to you in your family?

Lydia Sum. For her professionalism and her kindness towards the people around her.

My parents.

17. What is your personal motto?

To learn. To love. To live.

18. What is love in your point of view?


19. Do you have a special someone presently?

Lots. My family and my close friends all have a very special place in my heart.

20. Is there life after LITTLE NONYA for you in terms of role playing?

Definitely. Everyone is role playing all the time. We all play roles in our everyday lives and we should put down our masks sometimes and have the courage to face the world as who we truly are and learn to be better human beings.

21. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Realistic. Artistic. Simplistic.

21. Is there anything else you want to leave to your readers out there?

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