Thursday, April 1, 2010

BEAUTY ON DUTY Movie Review. How much SILLIER can ANYONE get?


Yet another comedic spoof from WONG JIN, the kingpin of Hong Kong’s slapsticks.

This time, it is BEAUTY ON DUTY with giggly CHARLENECHOI and madcap SANDRA NG leading the cast together with a bevy of silly Jacks and Jills.

It’s bound to have YOU in stitches, as the advertising proclaims.

Now, we all know that laughter is the best medicine.

Laughter has contagious effects and provides emotional relief if we are going through trying and difficult times.

So get geared for the goofs and bloopers that the film expounds in some infectiously funny situations.

Film director WONG JING is a guru when it comes to crowd-pleasing tactics. His brand of “mo lei tau” comedies can do no wrong.

CHARLENE CHOI plays a bumbling rookie in the police force who’s always getting embroiled in the most unlikely scraps.

She unwittingly rescues the witness of a murder case during her first round of patrol.

The witness balks but only agrees to testify in court if his daughter remains in the safe custody of the police team.

Amongst other escapades, this bewildered albeit reluctant rookie is “forced” to participate in the MISS ASIA BEAUTY PAGEANT together with the witness’ daughter in order to safeguard her.

Does this one reek of anything close to the Hollywood movie MISS CONGENIALITY?

You bet!

BEAUTY ON DUTY is a riotous and raunchy slapstick spiced, fortunately, with likable characters.

SANDRA NG is goofishly splendid.

CHARLENE CHOI is girlishly devine.

Yeah, it is worthy bubblegum entertainment after a hard day’s grind.

Go stretch your legs and let your hair down.

Ha, ha and haaa !!!

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