Monday, August 2, 2010

RUI EN 芮恩 Singapore Actress. "HEAR Me? I AM what I AM."


Singapore Actress

She has her legion of loyalist fans, this much I am sure.

There were a few die-hards whom I had met on facebook way back then, and they had often implored that I write an online article about RUI EN, to celebrate her years of being a popular, much-sought-after SINGAPORE television actress.

“We absolutely adore her,” they chimed. “She’s diligent and she’s so different from the others.”

How different? I put across.

Let’s say that, from all accounts and reports, and from artistes that I have known who had worked with her, she’s known not to be an easy person.

Nor is she approachable by any means, we can go on reading.

A feisty attitude? Perhaps.

She is steely cool, a demeanor that can put anyone mildly off.

Some nickamed as her Miss Snooty.

She has this aloof attitude that both press and acquaintances can find so exasperating.

No, she’s not endearing, she has no reason to be,

and she has every intention not to wear her heart on her sleeve.

Not even in a fledging industry like Singapore where there’re more television dramas than films on the roll, so hey, what’s the big deal?

But in this entertainment arena of falsitudes, she has clearly shown us that “all that glitter are not gold”.

She is a chameleon that shocks you in the light, yet glows warmly in the dark.

This is RUI EN, Singapore’s comely actress.

She is indeed one of a kind, take it or leave it, please.

Her persona has come a long way and Miss RUI EN now has weathered the storm and establishes herself as a gem, a solid one as that.

She is showing all and sundry that her patience and diligence have eventually paid off.

And for this, we salute her in this timely tribute.

Unlike ZOE TAY and FANN WONG who were fashion icons when they first started out, RUI EN has never been labeled as a glamor puss.

In fact, from the drama series that she appeared in a few years back, her facial shape appeared obviously roundish and her teeth looked a little less than perfect.

But she stood by her stance, carrying on with her career in her own dedication with a don’t mess-around-with-me attitude.

Does this demeanor remind you of Asian diva FAYE WONG?

In the last couple of years, she has come clean with a new look, an olive shaped face that has added radiance to her looks.

Did she sculp her face? It’s your guess and everybody’s.

But one thing’s for sure. She’s a lot slimmer and her fierce determination to stay focused as an actress may have instilled in her a compact exercise regime such as running and a wise, healthy choice of foods, perhaps to cut on less sugar, salt and carbohydrates?

For those of us who are overweight, we should take this cue from her.

No pain, no gain and if nothing’s ventured, nothing is gained.

Her last drama series called WITH YOU where she played a hapless role as a young housewife whose husband (CHEN HAN WEI) had suddenly perished in a motorbike accident is an emotionally charged one that demanded a gamut of real tears, anguish and angst.

I have never been her fan, but this is a heart-wrenching part albeit a matured one that RUI EN has carried off admirably.

Finally she had me and many others sit up and take notice.

I like her long flowing hair that has given her an alluring look, but guess it should be a wig.

Nonetheless, this is an award winning role

that should pitch her as a favourite contender for the 2011STAR AWARDS for BEST ACTRESS.

For all that she is now, she deserves kudos for “being the person she is” and does not bow down to ridiculous pressures expected of her.

Carpe diem, RUI EN, you have come thus far and even succeeded to convince a skeptic like me.

And to her wonderful fans out there on Facebook and RBKD (RUI EN FAN CLUB), here it is, finally – the piece that you all have always wanted that has taken me some time.

But I had done my homework,

and glad I finished this article.


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