Friday, January 28, 2011

“MR. and MRS. INCREDIBLE” (神奇侠侣) Movie Review. Crossing TERRITORIES with this NAUGHTY COMIC CAPER.

“MR. and MRS. INCREDIBLE” (神奇侠侣) Press Preview

We love comedies,don’t we?

More so when these are “topped” with this layer of icing called “action”.

It’s like sugar and spice and everything nice.

Fresh from the immensely successful dramatic ” BODY GUARDS & ASSASSINS”, award-winning filmmaker Peter Chan is diverging from the norm.

He’s taking a frolic gamble by switching genres.

First, he has taken a lighter approach, and moved from serious cinema to comedy.

Second, his latest offering is an action comic caper “Mr. and Mrs. Incredible” (trading ideas from the West).

No, he is not credited as film director for this one.

He helms the production whilst Vincent Kok directs.

It’s a concoction mix of Hollywood’s “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and “The Incredibles”, but this one takes place in ancient China.

Check the movie posters if you can “smell a rat”.

There are loads of screamish, albeit squirmish laughter that are bound to tickle you pink.

Festive celebration, what.

Time to merry-make and laugh.

The film stars Louis Koo and Sandra Ng who play a superhero couple who wishes to be left alone.

No, superheroes are not meant to live an uneventful life of bliss. No way.

Debonair Huan (Louis Koo) falls in love with goofy-two-shoes Red (Sandra Ng).

Unlike poles match, point taken.

They hastily decide to retire quietly, and move to an unknown village to enjoy conjugal bliss, to start a family.

Almost a decade passes by and they are trying very hard to get a baby, despite the regular conjugals exploring different ‘kama sutra’ positions.

Then a martial arts competition is scheduled in the village which they live.

Hundreds of kung-fu masters from all over the country are eyeing for the ultimate championship.

Huan and Red plan to flee the village for fear that their identities would be discovered, but end up being entangled in a conspiracy to murder every potential champion.

To uncover the mastermind, they must don the superhero costumes one more time in the name of justice.

Their baby-making plans are temporarily cast aside.

And the superheroes come charging in again.


Here is a crowd-pleasing spoof with a soul, not just another glaring, superficial piece.

“Mr. and Mrs. Incredible” is a non-stop martial arts action flick with excellent choreography, camera work and special effects.

Plus, it’s gregariously hilarious!

Erase the smirk from your face and go watch this flick.

“Mr and Mrs. Incredible ” will tear the layers off the deficiencies, foibles, and frustrations of life, providing merriment and a momentary escape from a hard day’s grind.

A brilliant performance by Sandra Ng, the zany queen of slapsticks.

Whether she plays a dramatic or comedic role, she sizzles with aplomb and sets the film afire with her raucous albeit infectious guffaws.

She shares an affable chemistry with Louis Koo and her clowning with her onscreen partner literally brings the house down.

“Mr. and Mrs. Incredible” is one movie where the elements of artistry and quiet power intertwine with ease.

It is a gem that shimmers through, slowly like fine wine,

then glows brighter than ever, right before you.

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