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“FINAL DESTINATION 5″ delves deep into the uncanny subject of imminent death and dying, and whatever that lurks in between the dark, sinister vacuum to fulfill this curse.

It pays definitive homage to what you’d call the human’s sixth sense, bad vibes, queasy feelings and premonitions.

It cajoles you to act fast, whenever you have a premonitory feeling that something’s not right is gonna happen, you should pay heed to your inner calling.

In doing so, you may well save your own life with this obeyance.

The theme of “death comes loverly” has never been more profoundly explored as in this 5th version of the successful franchise.

Plenty of gory deaths are splattered across the giant screen in the stupendous splendor of the 3D for the second time in the franchise, designed for your visual pleasure.

If you subscribe to the category of the uninhibited fan with a thirsty macho-sadistic streak, this film dangles as a death therapy, a game of death to “bump off”  or to shoot down your enemies within the dark recesses of your mind, which you will never be able to have this guilty pleasure in real life.

Everyone loves a good scare.

And, as they watch the hapless victims on reel being butchered one by one, they derive a pleasurable surge of adrenaline. Strange, but very true.

“FINAL DESTINATION 5″ director is Steven Quale.

Nicholas D’Agosto stars as Sam, a hot-blooded dude whose sixth sense leads him to “see” a fiery vision of a gigantic suspension bridge collapsing during a corporate outing. He manages to secure seven of his colleagues – including ex-girlfriend Molly (Emma Bell), best friend Peter (Miles Fisher) and annoying boss Dennis (David Koechner) – to flee from their bus. Well, the bridge does actually collapse, killing most everyone.

A mysterious stranger (Tony Todd) suddenly appears with a grim warning that Death cannot be cheated.

Quite right, as in the days that follow, the surviving eight soon start to succumb to a series of inexplicable freak accidents, in the same manner which they died in Sam’s dream.

The film’s special effects are excellent, in particular, during the heart-stomping minutes of one scene where we witness in dire shock, the entire giant bridge being completely torn apart, taking everything (people, vehicles and falling debris), plunging mercilessly into the fathomless, raging sea below.

These are poignant moments rendered dramatically authentic in 3D.

Final Destination 5 is a hugely enjoyable, impressively directed thriller.

The advertising headline from the publicity poster shouts “DEATH HAS NEVER BEEN CLOSER.”

Yeah, right.

Step into the nightmare.

It gonna be a gruesome scary ride.

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