Friday, December 16, 2011

“MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Ghost Protocol” MOVIE REVIEW. Blazing the DEADLY TRAIL with a formidable revamped NEW TEAM.


No apologies folks, it’s TOM CRUISE returning as Agent ETHAN HUNT for the fourth time running.

If you are an avid fan of slick guys and drooling cool action, then this is one breathtaking actioner you should never miss.

Never mind the absurd plot because TOM CRUISE is at it again, this time blazing the trail – fast, deadly and furious, hamming it all the way in this impressionable “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL” installment.

Pulsating, heart stomping and adrenaline charging, spilling from one sweaty peril to another, this

feature is thrillingly action-packed – designed to keep you on edge, especially if you are viewing it in the splendor of the latest IMAX phenomenon.

As with the other three previous MISSION IMPOSSIBLE chronicles where exotic locales are a geographical treat in each segment, this time we are peremptorily transported to the scenic wonders of MOSCOW, BUDAPEST, DUBAI and MUMBAI.

It’s a potpourri of thrills, spills, dark humor, dry wit with the action most foul.

Directed by the reputable Animation Director BRAD BIRD (The Incredibles, Ratatouille), it has something for everyone and is a pure wholesome “getaway” entertainment.

Let’s delve further …..

Of course, the magnificent ETHAN HUNT has to be in trouble to roll the story.

It starts with a jail break from a Moscow prison.  He has been falsely accused of being a terrorist by his hapless superiors, of a bombing at the Kremlin. His entire operations are shut down because of this.

His next new mission is aptly called “Ghost Protocol” which is to seize nuclear codes and devices from an opportunistic war merchant KURT HENDRICKS (MICHAEL NYQVIST) who intends to mastermind a devious plan involving a global nuclear holocaust.

A new team has been handpicked by ETHAN’s bosses and they are:

BENJI DUNN (SIMON PEGG), Agent JANE CARTER (PAULA PATTON) and BRANDT (JEREMY RENNER) but trust has to be earned along this globe trotting adventure.

“MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Ghost Protocol” is loud, explosive and shows you that the pace seldom slows and that action is king.

There’s enough worthy dialogue to set the ball rolling, spiced with unexpected humor.

Naturally, ETHAN HUNT has to prove his mettle this time by displaying the impossible and making it possible – scaling and hanging precariously on Dubai’s tallest building, the BURJ KHALIFA.

The stunt choreography has its splendid moments, specially the scenes showcasing a car that plummets headlong from several storeys to the ground below and of Agent BRANDT taking a controlled fall down a shaft, suspending mid air within a vacuum.

The film’s headline screams “NO PLAN. NO BACK-UP. NO CHOICE.”

That being the case, it's NO SWEAT then. Right?

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