Sunday, January 22, 2012

“ENTER the the majestic DRAGON” in 2012. Any DREAM will DO.

The reign of the RABBIT is drawing to an end.

It's going to be a forgotten chapter.

You see it as a tiny, furry, harmless animal, but hey – don’t they ever tell you that never to judge any book by its cover?

Just look back over the past months and count the series of havoc.

On a happy note, it's pure relief that the unpredictable RABBIT is bidding a fast retreat to make way for the majestic Dragon.

And it’s about time.

2011 had not been such a bumper year as the whole world is awaiting healing from the reeling.

Dipping economies, natural disasters and global poverty have seen different parallels, and are still unresolved issues.

‘Tis been a year where we should also be wary about making foreign connections.

Old wine has been proven better. And safer.

And did we read somewhere that we should all be celebrating endings, bitter or sweet.

Endings herald new beginnings.

Smart guru CARL BARD has the last word:

 ”Though no one can go back to make a decemt new start, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending.”

Lamenting over lost opportunities?


 Yeah, when one door closes, surely another door opens.

But indecisiveness may take too long over that closed door that we do not see the new ones which are open for us.


We will always win some, then we lose some.

Essentially, the quality of our choices will determine the quality of our lives.


Here’s a vintage MTV which was produced one decade ago by Singapore Mediacorp.

Time has flown.

It’s great stuff.


The following is a divine song that embraces the “little moments”.

It’s exhilaratingly breezy and will strike an emotional chord in you.

Let’s usher in the YEAR of the DRAGON with this feel-good hit of the past.

Yeah, any dream will do.

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