Monday, May 21, 2012

“MEN in BLACK 3″ (IMAX 3D) Movie Review. THEY are BACK IN TIME for the LONG HAUL.


They are back in grand style …. just in time for the long haul.

“MEN IN BLACK 3″ this action comedic caper directed by Barry Sonnenfeld is surely a fond case of vintage wine mellowing well.

A decade had lapsed over the last one.

Now we’re heralding the welcome return of part 3 with boisterous fanfare.

This time around, it’s bigger, gripping with more action ….  and funnier, happily basking in the splendor of the IMAX 3D.

For starters, get ready to be dazzled by the awesome visual effects that will blow your mind and ears aesthetically, where aliens and all kinds of idiotic creatures appear larger than life and snarlingly menacing over the Imax Screen to stun you.

It’s fun, fun, fun all the way.

Kudos to the animators and post effect specialists who painstakingly accomplished a great post production finish.

AGENT J (Will Smith) and AGENT K (Tommy Lee Jones) return once again to their respective roles as futuristic Federal Agents who are to maintain law and order and to keep the extra-terrestrial mischief makers at  bay.

At the film opens, the terrifying rogue BORIS the ANIMAL has escaped prison to wreak revenge on AGENT K who took away his freedom 40 years ago.

Using time travel technology, J transports himself back into the past, the year 1969 in a bid to save his partner from doom.

It is here that he teams with a 29 year old AGENT K (Josh Brolin playing the younger AGENT K).

There are thrills, spills, rollicking laughter notwithstanding heart-warming moments in this immensely enjoyable movie.

It’s worth waiting for, after all these years.

Roll on!

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