Friday, March 8, 2013

“OZ the GREAT and POWERFUL” Movie Review. Effects laden, nevertheless Visually Stunning.

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There should be more than just a brimful of goodness in “OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL” given the worldwide media coverage.

As a peppy “feel good” movie, it’s positioned way-right-on-top, laced with an assortment of creative wonderment to entice you into its aesthetic world of awesome animation.

As a film, the surrealistic splendor is stylized with dazzling effects that will take your breath away, armed with fun characters and their boisterous banter, everything is set to bedazzle and tickle the mind.

That said, this is essentially wholesome family entertainment galore, and that’s what it’s meant to be, staying close to the familiar old school Disney doctrine that the good will always triumph over evil in eventuality.

“OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL” is crafted as an adventure fantasy directed by SAM RAIMI (The Spiderman Trilogy). He drums up a colorful extravaganza utilizing the brilliance of exotic blues, dazzling red and sparkling emeralds among others.

This 2013 film stays in top form to L.FRANK BAUM’s novel “The Wizard of Oz” and is actually a prequel to the 1939 classic “The Wizard of Oz”.

The glittering star ensemble comprising of JAMES FRANCO, MILA KUNIS, MICHELLE WILLIAMS and RACHEL WEISZ are all up for the challenge, competing tooth and nail for screen time, oozing charm and charisma.

Welcome aboard a wondrous journey of visual delights – on the ground, as in the Dark Forest, and in the air, when they travel via large transparent bubbles.

The colorful plot:

Oscar Diggs (James Franco) plays a conman, a compulsive womanising magician who has been swept up from a Kansas plain when a tornado hits and transported to  the merry Land of Oz.

Here, he encounters three beautiful albeit disdainful witches, Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz) and Glinda (Michelle Williams).

Oscar becomes entangled in unexpected problems that are confronted by the citizens of Oz who had long awaited for a savior to rescue them from their lot.

Believing that Oscar would be their leader, they are buoyant with renewed hope, but Oscar who has always aspired to be a great and powerful man, will first have to redeem his wayward ways.

You are treated to flying moneys and flying baboons and what have you.  But don’t go making comparisons on past works over this present one.

Mesmerizing. Poignant.
“OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL” displays a refreshing take in arty surrealism.

The film director has certainly created a marvel.

Don’t miss it.

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