Wednesday, September 18, 2013

“PARANOIA” MOVIE REVIEW. Not Bad, Not Good, wherefore runs the Parallel?



Just say “beef” and you ‘ll get this Australian beefcake on your platter.

Whether he is a delectable piece of ham depends on how you rate him.

The taste of the pudding is in the eating, isn’t it so?

You will see this hunk attired in designer suits and casuals.

As well as in all forms of undress to eagerly display his well-toned bod and six packs.

And he is magnifique.

The young actor is a 23 year old young’un called LIAM HEMSWORTH.

Little wonder if”PARANOIA” is a movie project crafted for him and for his myriad of drooling female fans.

Supporting actors HARRISON FORD and GARY OLDMAN stay safely in the background playing second fiddles.

This is an hard edged corporate thriller.

It is a parable about thwarted ambitions and how the thirst for easy money and power have their setbacks.

 LIAM HEMSWORTH is Adam, a young executive working at entry level at a tech company runs by Nicholas Wyatt (GARY OLDMAN)

Adam is as spotless as a sheet, but wants more out of life, envious of people he knows who are stooping to con in order to move up the corporate ladder.

He has an ailing father (Richard Dreyfuss) and loads of hefty medical bills to pay.

When he and his team are fired from their jobs, they decide to commiserate and overspend on their company credit card.

Strangely, the following day, Adam’s is confronted by his former boss and given an ultimatum – to face jail time for fraud charges or infiltrate another tech company run by HARRISON FOR’s Jock Goddard, Wyatt’s former mentor and now business enemy.

Seduced by the lure of money and to save his skin, Adam is torpedoed into a world of corporate espionage and is soon on the run from the corporate rogues who want his life.

A merry-go-round game of cat and mouse, and a web of deception ensues, culminating to a final broil.

Where will all this be leading us to?

 ROBERT LUKETIC is the film director and AMBER HEARD is the pegged add-on female interest.

It may not be a tour de force, but could have been a slick, fast paced and entertaining movie with a tense build-up.

“PARANOIA” has an admirable supporting cast to boot marred by a lack-luster script.

Blame it on the film director’s creative vision and plot treatment.

The end result is what you get.

Now, ham steak anyone?

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