Monday, November 25, 2013

“A SECRET BETWEEN US” Movie Review. Love means Never having to say You are Sorry. 第一次不是你






This movie is kinda sad and sappy, but I am definitely bowled over.

The plot highlights a tortuous bitter-sweet romance that spins one whole decade, told mostly through flashbacks.

It affirms the proverbial saying that “whatever is yours will always be yours, irrespective of whatever odds you may encounter …. and that true love never binds.”

It also follows another well-known adage:

“If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.”

All said, everything is sweet, charming and heart-rendering nostalgic.

The film director PATRICK KONG  takes us on a trudge down memory lane.

Nice love story needs not be complicated. This one serves to demonstrates what we already know.

Two childhood friends, Bobo (ANGEL CHIANG) and Ken (EDWARD MA) start to reminisce when they cross paths at a friend’s wedding.

 Love with all your heart as books will tell you.

True love is never  binding, as in “A SECRET BETWEEN US”.

And what of the secret?

Well, the lady works as a tramp, her body is for sale as she seeks big bucks only to treat her hospitalized mother who has kidney failure.

Her boyfriend is aware of everything but he’s helpless about the money matters. And I am not about to judge by diagnosing what is right or wrong. Sometimes when you are a financial desperado, you just do what your life beckons you, unless it is openly flouting the law.

The protagonists are lost in their own tunnel of confusion against their will, but when they emerge from the entanglement ten years later, both are now happily settled with different paramours.

I do not question the intents of “A SECRET BETWEEN US” because it explores innocent love when the protagonists were adolescents and the terrible angst and pains they encountered in the process of growing up.

True love never dies?  Surely.

Old friends will connect.

Old flames will reignite a lost spark.

And perchance, everyone will rediscover just how much beautiful memories you can pack into one heartwarming reunion.


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