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For people who love a good cry and a touch-my-soul family story, then don’t miss “THE BOOK THIEF”. The sporadic suspense keeps you going.

Its advertising slogan politely reminds us that the theme is “Courage beyond Words”.


“THE BOOK THIEF” is all about a plucky young girl called LIESEL who lives with her foster family during the throes of World War 2 Germany.

Intrigued by her only possession of a single book she brings with her, her fascination grows and she begins collecting more books whenever she can find them or steal them. With literary support from her foster parents and a personable Jewish refugee who takes refuge under the stairs, her determination to master the written word opens up a bold new world that’d transform her persona forever.

SOPHIE NELISSE takes on the lead role of the quick-tempered heroine Liesel. Her petulant and unfriendly looks may stir the audience with the notion that she is a wrong bet for the role. The director BRIAN PERCIVAL should know better as he helms the production.

GEOFFREY RUSH plays Hans, the genteel and understanding adoptive father.

EMILY WATSON who portrays Rosa the mother is way tops, so you can expect strong performances from the veterans.

“THE BOOK THIEF” stays close to Markus Zusak’s World War II story, but less the gore and violence you’d normally notice in films screaming murders and battle cries.

This is a Holocaust film crafted for a primary young adult audience. The mature group may find the pace irksome and the build-up a trifle slow.

Raised in 1930s Germany, Liesel has seen people die before her, other horrific happenings and experiences her fair share of pain at such a tender age. Her kid brother is dead and her mother mysteriously disappears leaving behind a trial of dark memories instilling in her a vacuum of insecurity.

She is adopted by the Hubermanns, an impoverished couple living in a small village. Rosa (Emily Watson) is sharp-tongued with a motherly concern. Hans (Geoffrey Rush) has a heart and time to spare to groom Liesel to read.

“THE BOOK THIEF” may not be a prescient masterpiece, but there are enough heartbreaking albeit humane moments to share.

Let’s say that with all odds emerging, this one is a quiet winner.

But for fans who are looking for high voltage thrillers, then this would not be your cup of tea.

Touch my soul, chum.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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THE BOOK THIEF Movie Trailer

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