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Here’s a mumbo-jumbo of the plot:

Ha Mui (KELLY CHEN) is a pretty TV host, trying to make good.

She is hot on the trail of a notorious thief and reliable sources direct her to London.

She sees the trip serving as the prologue to a fantastic scoop on relics smuggling ,and as a boost to impress her bosses.

And chances would have it, she comes face-to-face with the infamous thief who goes by the name of Nine-Tailed Fox (TONY LEUNG KA-FAI) during her investigations.

This foxy guy provides some comic relief, and outwardly he appears cheeky and playful.

Nay, not everything is what it seems.

Next, enter the bumbling nerd of a detective Cheung Ho (EKIN CHENG).

He arrives in London to “protect” the multi-million TANG DYNASTY POTTERY HORSE from being stolen.

And midway through it all, you’ll find he is more a hindrance than a help.

Everyone has his own hidden agenda.

We have a top-notch Hong Kong cast. Plus exciting locales such as London and Prague.

The plot of the movie may have been inspired by a TVB recent drama series TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES 2 which  give the wrong idea that pilots and cabin crew are always frolicking on the streets of London during stopovers.

Please take note that Hong Kong is an island with an overall population of  7 million, the commoners dwelling in cramped public housings.

Not everybody can afford to travel, so the substitute is in the form of a travel movie which shows you the splendor of exotic locales.

The three veteran actors here are baby boomers.

Try sorting them in a potpourri of sorts and transport them to LONDON and PRAGUE. And be prepared for a mayhem of comedic escapades.

Every thing seems so surreal, just like stepping off a fashion spread.

You’ll wonder at KELLY CHEN who’s wearing the same red color evening gown for most part of the movie.

You tell yourself that it it’s her royal sacrifice, pursuing the nine-tailed fox, she has no time to go back to change. Believe this,chum.

What writer-director LEE CHI NGAI Lee succeeds is swarming us with breathtaking panoramic views of London and Prague.

Script-wise however, is another matter where he relies an overload of slapstick gags.

It is silly to watch the alluring female assassin  (MANDY LIEU) trying to “finish off” the Nine-tailed Fox with a pen-like needle over and over again but fails in her attempts.

The squealing ERIC TSANG and the funny man WONG CHO-LAM are tag-along stars.

You hope that the riotous film ‘HORSEPLAY” ignites like a fire-cracker.

Well, almost, with your help.

 Cha-cha-cha anyone?

Or tango?

Rating: 2.5  out of 5

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