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“SEX? Oh yeah!”

The Filmmaker called the movie “LOVE ON THE CLOUD”. It’d have been grammatically correct if it had been titled “LOVE ON CLOUD 9″. The positioning product is a nutty and “feel good” sexual comedy that joyfully strips away the entertainment facade to expose that filmmakers and artistes, irrespective of the beautiful and the ugly, all harbor sexual desires. And truth be told, it is one thing to crave for sex, yet another to catch this elusive love bug.  Can love blossom from one-night-stands? You be the guest!


ANGELA BABY and MICHAEL CHEN exude a magnetic  onscreen presence. Watch how the sexual sparks fly!


Our male lead is on the prowl as the night wears on, and he is going for a “WeChat” date. Sex anticipated.


“Look, I have brought my condom ….”


“Yes, sir! I am exercising my male libido to get my pecker rock hard.” 


 Angelababy plays an “anything goes” model looking for one-night stands. She and Michael Chen meet each other through Michael’s mobile “WeChat” app. She then discovers that Michael is a writer- director wannabe.


This Hawaiian Hula dance is as sensual as you can get …


“She’s hot, sultry and everything you need to set the pecker-in-the-loin rising ….” 


This is a fun movie not to be taken seriously. If for anything else, go watch it because sweetie pie Angelababy is the lead actress.

It throws some light on how desperadoes in the entertainment industry pitch for financing. And having won the pitch, they have to pay the humiliating price of foregoing originality, as everything evolves around money and sex.

It is also declares an unexpected romance that blossoms amid this digital age of mobile connectivity.

‘Love on the Cloud’  “makes no bones” about headlining how financiers and sponsors in this industry are untrustworthy and lecherous. 

The  lead protagonist is Sha Guo (Chen He), an aspiring screenwriter whose latest screenplay is titled ‘Lone Wolf in the Wilderness’.

In the opening scene, Sha Guo pitches his creative idea to a wealthy investor named Mrs Ma.  She displays enthusiasm in investing $8 million to have the script churned into into a feature film, but on one principal condition – she owns a cattle farm in Inner Mongolia and anticipates to relocate the scenery to the cattle farm. 

Blinded with elation that anyone would even bother with their independent project, Sha Guo with his two cronies – one an actor named Xiao Gua (Zhang Luyi) and the other a cinematographer named Chen Xi, thereby form a team named ‘Three Dreamers’.  

They rent a studio apartment  and begin writing the plot that their investor wants to see.

This is where the merry-go-round dance begins where the client demands illogical changes, thereby destroying the original concept.

What started out as a writer’s dream transcends into a blinding thriller, much to Sha Guo’s chagrin.

You can well imagine that every revision is reinforced by the promise of a bigger investment, until of course it gets so huge that Sha Guo, together with his buddies are all knocked out of the entire project by a consortium of side investors that Mrs Ma had cunningly assembled.

Yes, this is a grim warning for wannabe filmmakers in China, that neither Gu nor his friends are eventually credited with or for the final product.

Even so, everything turns out to what they have never expected, the new script is way too commercialized, and bears no semblance on how the original project had started.


“LOVE ON THE CLOUD” has a pretty cast AngelaBaby and Micheal Chen.

They are beckoning to us that it’s great to be young.

It probably is, given the hard fact a flood of our leading men are ageing and the industry now needs fresh young blood. Hurrah!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Local Distributor: GSC MOVIES.

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