Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MOTHER AND CHILD Press Review. IF you must, there are always SUNSETS to WARM your HEART.

You’ve spent your whole life running, trying to catch up with something that has never been there for you.

And all you’ve done is go farther and farther away from the precious LOVE that’s been waiting for you all the time.

Take a woman’s story.

Then throw in this thing called LIFE.

Yeah, we know that LIFE is a journey fraught with love, happiness, hope, pain, despair, loneliness and eventual death.

Each and everyone of us takes the same route,

We all have to embark on the same roller coaster journey together,

Yet we alight at different destinations.

Now do remember to say kiss and hug and whisper ‘I love you’ to those you love and mean it.

And to always cherish the moment,

Because someday, when you least expect it, that person will not be around for you any more.

MOTHER AND CHILD is brilliantly written and earnestly directed by RODRIGO GARCIA.

Sometimes the editing can be choppy, but no matter.

It’s the substance that counts.

Essentially as the woman’s story unfolds,

we are treated to a film of undeniable warmth and charm,

rich in the humanity and compassion that seems at a premium during these uncertain times.

MOTHER AND CHILD dissects the intricate difficulties of human relationships

and explores the imperfections of life and loving.

Human beings stem from a convoluted race.

Our lives don’t have to be perfect in order to be what is needed.

Didn’t the 1970 film Love Story teach us:


Name it and you get all kinds of LOVE -

Love for your friends, neighbors, siblings

and love between a mother and child.

LOVE has always been a journey-of-sorts, layered with horrible trials and tribulations, to make you see and accept sense, to add purpose to your dwindling relationships.

Take not love for granted,

If you do not nurture it,

It will expire and die,

MOTHER AND CHILD spins a yarn of 3 women whose lives had been profoundly affected by ADOPTION.

Karen (ANNETTE BENING) had a baby at 14 and being so young, she gave up the baby girl for adoption on the day of her birth. Since then she was plagued by guilt and was remorseful for the act she should never have committed.

Elizabeth (NAOMI WATTS) grew up as an adopted child – a tough loner. She was an ambitious lawyer albeit very much a distrustful woman. True love was probably not in her vocabulary.

Lucy (KERRY WASHINGTON) was barren and desperately wanted a child. She embarked endlessly, on an adoption odyssey with her husband, seeking hopelessly, to adopt a baby to complete her family life.

Where do all these lead to?


Three women, three narratives criss-crossed to arrive at one FINAL destinaton.

We laugh, we cry because at the end of it all, there’s redemption at the tip of the rainbow,

Heard of sunshine after the rains?

We must learn to forgive, to let go of the emotional baggage, to carry on with life's lot.

MOTHER AND CHILD will play well to female audiences.

ANNETTE BENING, NAOMI WATTS and KERRY WASHINGTON all gave stellar performances,

Hey, Mother’s Day is round the corner.

Treasure wonderful moments with your Mother.

Take her to watch MOTHER AND CHILD.

Hold her hands and tell her you love her very much,

There cannot be a much better idea than this one,

Check this out!

And to all mothers out there,


We love you!

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