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THOMAS PRICE, Hong Kong actor from AMPHETAMINE. INTERVIEW:- “DILIGENCE pays off because I believe that, as in EVERYTHING, there’s a PRICE TAG.”


He has those sparkling eyes that speak volumes

as he edges close to you to listen intently, when you deliver your questions.

He stays focused, ponders and breaks into a megawatt smile

as he answers you zealously.

His name is THOMAS PRICE.

He is from HONG KONG.

He is ACTOR, DJ and MODEL in that order.

This interview is as up, close and personal as you can get.

No, I am not gay, he insists,

but he understands and respects the gay community and he has many gay buddies.

They are very creative, supportive and warm, he offers.

So what is it like now being the latest gay icon?

I am honored, he nods.

But more so he is grateful for the opportunity it has offered him.

THOMAS PRICE's name is on the rise,

specially after the screening of AMPHETAMINE.

AMPHETAMINE has launched his acting career.

TOM's starring stint as the love-lorn gay financial analyst in director SCUD's AMPHETAMINE is still creating waves in Hong Kong.

"I come from a mixed CHINESE and BRITISH parentage," he adds. "I always love a challenge and I am here for a higher purpose."

Interesting bloodline and bloody dashing looks.

Now, will the real THOMAS PRICE stand up?

Here's looking at THOMAS PRICE in full buff:

1. What is your ethnicity and how old are you?

I am half English and half Chinese. I am 24 right now.

2. Was AMPHETAMINE your first feature film?

No, I have been in other feature films. However Amphetamine was my first as the lead actor.

3. Did you audition for the role? Would you consider this a difficult role?

The director and I had spoke about this role for quite some time... around 3 years to be precise. During that time we discussed the movie and plot, and kind of worked around that. This was a very difficult role for me to play because not only were many scenes performed in the nude, I had to play a gay man which for me was completely new and different.

4. You played a gay financial analyst and there were full-frontal scenes required of you with your co- actor BYRON PANG. What were your feelings then, when you were doing these scenes?

There were feelings of slight unease because I had never done such scenes before. But I think we did a good job and there were no major hiccups in any of the shooting.

5. Was there a chemistry between you and BYRON PANG when you were "working" on those intimate scenes?

There was not really a chemistry. We just remained professional and shot our scenes.

6. What advice would you give to someone what wants to get into the acting industry?

Watch what you say and be nice to everyone. Also, show up on time!

7. What is your personality like?

I am an outgoing and open minded individual. I love the outdoors and enjoy playing sport immensely. I am a bit of a perfectionist and am always looking to improve my self in all areas of my life.I love learning and am constantly reading books, watching tutorials and also documentaries about science, music production, philosophy and anything else that I am interested in, which is a lot. I also enjoying teaching people and possess a Bachelor's degree in Education. I am currently coaching Football as well.

I think I am different to your average 20 something year old guy. I have a passion for so many different things. I am really into graffiti and street art and continue to paint to this day.I have been DJing across Asia for around five years now and am seriously into music, especially old jazz and blues records, and underground electronic music. I also have a love for science, especially astronomy and evolution. Not everyone is into these kind of things. I have never been a very mainstream kind of guy and cannot stand watching TV and listening to today's pop music for this reason. I like challenging myself and challenging others to think differently and to try new things.

It upsets me that Hong Kong is such a commercial and mainstream society. As an artist, I find it at times suffocating to live in such a stale and undynamic place artistically. Hong Kong is too conservative and this affects the lifestyle and thought processes of the people who live here, usually in a negative way. For me, Amphetamine is my contribution to hopefully changing the way we view art here in Hong Kong. Hopefully, this movie can open people's minds a bit more and challenge them to do things that are different and not neccessarily mainstream. Variety is a good, and for too long Hong Kong has not produced any variety.

8. What were your proudest moments in life?

Beating a rival school in basketball during high school in front of many of my classmates, best game of my life. Walking the red carpet of the berlin film festival this 2010. Performing (djing) alongside the likes of Jay Chou and Wyclef Jean on tour with Hennessy in 2008.

9. Name an incident that made you sad or upset?

People who are ignorant to the sheer size and beauty of the universe make me sad. People who are racist, sexist and homophobic make me upset. People who believe in things without evidence make me worried . People who treat animals cruelly and kill other living creatures for fun make me angry.

10. What are your interests or hobbies?

Science, history, philoshphy, basketball, watching people fight, graffiti and art, football, swimming, diving, rugby, cricket, fishing, DJing, producing music, acting, surfing, reading books, watching documentaries, pondering about the meaning of life and why we are here, watching movies, collecting vinyl, hiking, dogs, gazing up at the night sky on a clear night.

11. What is that you wanted to do in life, but never gotten around to do it?

Go back to University and continue my education. Train in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and attempt to fight professionally or at least in competition. Travel the world and visit ancient sites and landmarks.

12. Where have you traveled that impressed you a lot?

Japan impressed me a lot. I went to Okinawa and people there were lovely and very friendly. The Japanese culture is really cool. I would love to visit Tokyo sometime.

13. What are your types of food?

I love eating all sorts of different foods, especially Asian food. But having learned about nutrition and the human body in University, I am very conscious about what I eat.

14. What would be your type of girl ...cute, pretty or sexy?

I would prefer a pretty girl. For me, intelligence makes a girl sexy.

15. Have you decided that acting would be what you would really like to do for the rest of your life?

Yes. and DJing.

16. Who in the entertainment industry do you look up to and who is closest to you in your family?

I don't really look up to anyone in the entertainment industry. It's funny, I have many heroes and idols, but none are in the entertainment industry. There are many brilliant actors who I look up to in terms of their acting ability. Al Pacino and Johnny Depp for example.

In my family I am closest to my mum. I think she is an incredible woman who has been through so much and who worked so hard to raise me when I was young. She has had to go through quite a lot over the years and I thank and love her deeply for everything she has done for me.

17. What is your personal motto?

Life is what you make it.

18. Is there anything else you want to leave to your readers out there?

Unfortunately, Life is very short. Don't waste your time and try to make the most of every opportunity. Do what you want to do and enjoy life!

That's THOMAS PRICE for you.

Straightforward, confident - he knows what he wants out of life.

You gotta respect that.

But at the same time, he values humility, courtesy and integrity.

"We live amongst others, so that whatever we think and say or do will necessarily affect a great many people," he stipulates.

That's certainly one quality that is absent in today's youth.

A young man grounded in reality, willing to live hard, play hard and fight hard - this is one young man who's going places.

And this is ME, he beams.

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