Tuesday, April 12, 2011



And so this story goes:

A down-and-out writer Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is in a deep fix.

He’s at dead end, suffering from chronic “writer’s block” which is overpowering him, taking his depressive moods to the next level.

Then he accidentally stumbles upon a ray of hope.

It’s in the form of NZT, a wonder pill.

It’s a revolutionary new drug that can lay claim to enhance one’s senses and wit.

The vital question is: to take or not to take?

He succumbs to being a guinea pig, as he has nothing to lose.

Upon consuming the drug, he develops exhilarated feelings of inner euphoria.

All traces of the stubborn “writer’s block” completely disappear.

His creative juices seep through naturally in his mind.

Flow of ideas, words and content that were hard to come by, now bounce up and down in a continuous steady stream, non-stop.

NZT makes Eddie a genius — as long as he keeps taking it.

After stealing a supply, Eddie believes he’s got it made and for a while, he does. He finishes his book, works for a Wall Street superstar Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro), and lures his ex-girl friend back.

He is hailed as the latest literary genius, financial whiz and a lady-killer.

Everything’s happening so fast and seems too good to be true.

Then danger rears its ugly head.

The pill becomes his potent means to brilliant success, and he craves for more.

In doing so, he enters a world of intrigue, fraught with unforeseen danger.

He is mysteriously stalked by strange,ruthless pursuers who seem to fathom his innermost secret.

Or maybe, this is just a figment of his imagination?

A brilliant script by Leslie Dixon and film director Neil Burger pushes the film to the extreme at a delirious breakneck pace.

“LIMITLESS” is a taut, action-packed drama that propels you deep into the hero’s bewildered mind with a tour de force performance by Cooper.

A lesson we can learn from this movie is that nothing’s for free.

Don’t trouble trouble – unless trouble troubles you.

“LIMITLESS” is a fast-paced action thriller and will give you a run for your money.

Bradley Cooper is an energetic actor and he tackles the lead role of Eddie Morra with a good amount of verve.

Robert De Niro has a cameo role.

Despite his short screen time, he shows that he is always the veteran to root for.

Of course, there has to be a woman.

Abbie Cornish plays Lindy, the girlfriend who can’t believe she’s seeing the startling transformation Eddie has undergone.

He was a slacker but now a brilliant and suave dandy.

“LIMITLESS” is one pure entertainment that’s worth a watch.

Go get charmed.

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