Wednesday, April 6, 2011

“SOURCE CODE” Movie Review. “YOU have exactly EIGHT minutes to uncover the BOMBER and his BOMB.”


Check this heart-stomping, fast-paced sci-fi flick that will burrow deep into the abyss of your mind as the plot gets grimier.

NOTHING is right. EVERYTHING is wrong.

It’s a deadly race against time.

There’s a sleek bomber on board the train. And his bomb is ticking away furiously … somewhere.

The action is thick and ferocious, pausing now and then to strew an occasional mind-bending “red herring”.

You call it the “SOURCE CODE” as this movie opens with a peremptory jolt, startles you with an unexpected twist and then drags you into deeper depths with a fiery vengeance.

This is one terrorist-themed thriller promising lots of pluck.

It delivers the goods.

And we have screen hunk JAKE GYLLENHAAL trailing the forbidden path trying to solve the riddle of the “source code”.

Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) awakens from a deep slumber to discover himself in a train heading for Windy City.

He is with a sweet and chatty companion, Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan), but he is clueless about who she is and, much worse, who he really is.

A dash to the toilet mirror confirms his fear: He is trapped in another man’s body.

He is in trouble. Big time.

Who is he actually?

Whose identity is he adopting and how is he going to get out?

He is thrown into a maze of self-questioning.

The last thing he remembers, he was flying a plane in Afghanistan.

The film gradually unravels the hero’s true situation:

He is an Air Force captain who is taking charge of a government project dubbed “Source Code,” which allows him to exist in parallel reality, to relive ”the last eight minutes” in the life of a man who died on that commuter train, as did all passengers, when a bomb exploded killing everyone.

His mission is an ongoing cycle, to continue “reliving the last eight minutes” over and over again in the body of yet another man, until he can identify the elusive bomber and stop his bomb.

The captain is obligated to perform his duty, locate the bomber and serve his country but he is also vexed that, if he’s ever going to live, and should he do so, what would be his new identity?

We are swept into his chain of thoughts on his predicament.

The film highlights his desperate scramble against time with each repeat of the mission bringing Colter Stevens more answers about the terrorist plot and himself.

Director DUNCAN JONES helms a competent cast and provides a nail-biting pulsating film that will keep the viewer on edge.

Scriptwriter BEN RIPLEY conjures a clock-ticking thriller and weaves a “twilight zone” type of plot about a man frantically shuttling back and forth in his own time zone, over and again, to “re-live” the last eight minutes of that fella’s life to prevent another heinous crime from re-occurring.

Get ready to suspend your disbelief mode, chum.

“SOURCE CODE” challenges your adrenaline surge, is a probing movie that roller coasts and crashes with the inherent dark twists, rounding treacherous turns.

Experience fiery action, fine acting by the entire cast, nerve-wrecking excitement in one tight capsule.

Hop aboard for the most thrilling ride of your life.

I daresay you will not be disappointed.


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