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For starters, the word “insidious” suggests a demonic attraction.

And it is starkly obvious that film director JAMES WAN and screenwriter LEIGH WHANNELL took the liberty to adapt creative cues from classic horrors such as “The Exorcist” and “Poltergeist”.

The results show.

Here’s an extraordinary movie about a haunted house that brings on the goosebumps.

Or did it really?

Mom, Dad and three kids — move into this divine place called home.


Pretty soon the happy family will be terrorized by unexpected thumps in the night, spooky faces at the window, and weird objects that apparently move when they shouldn’t.

And more …. to jolt you that, whatever you see is just starting to happen,

and there’ll be more than meets the eye in time to come.

This demonic presence threatens to rip their whole world apart.

The director and his sound editors time must have had a whale of a time imbuing a super loud crashing score to hit every split second after something creepy moves across the screen.

Some scenes may seem to have been heavily borrowed from the “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY” series.

Eventually Mom cracks up and wants out of this soul defeating house.

So the family relocates, moves to a new place to escape the hauntings.

But the apparitions vengefully stomp back again in full force.

The hapless couple eventually seeks the help of a female psychic and a couple of geeky paranormal researchers.

The perturbed psychic announces that all is not well and that the house is not haunted- but there’s a “demon” that lurks within the body of their comatose son and refuses to be evicted.

“The house ain’t haunted, but your son is.”

The ghost busters strategically install the entire house with security equipment for detecting ghost, the ectoplasm and energy vibrations providing a “scientific” examination of the events.

The family is warned to steel themselves for further impending shocks as they embark on a bizarre journey into the “other” world to retrieve their son.

Behold terror at its extreme when the exorcism rites are exercised, to forcefully “expel” the demon out of the son’s body.

”INSIDIOUS” is a horror thriller that expounds on the haunted house theme, only it’s a human that’s haunted instead of a house.

Actors PATRICK WILSON and ROSE BYRNE pitch in formidable performances as exasperated parents who are forced to accept the shocking truth that their eldest child is “possessed” even in comatose.

LIN SHAYE in a supporting role of the woman psychic is superb as she delivers a chilling albeit difficult part “so authentic” that it will surely blow your mind away and steal the thunder from the leads.

So much for the summary of the spook movie “INSIDIOUS”.

Just stay braced for the breathtaking climax.

“INSIDIOUS” isn’t just an intense horror flick served with dark savory wit.

It’s a psycho-supernatural thriller – scary, gripping and absorbing.

Now, go get a blast.

It may be one shock therapy you long needed to get yourself up and going, thanks

to smart director JAMES WAN and his merry gang.

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