Monday, May 9, 2011

“PRIEST” 2011 Movie Review. Behold PRIESTS fighting VAMPIRES in GRAND 3D Style.


This one has VAMPIRES fighting the PRIESTS.

It’s another of those eye-popping films that strikes the death knell gong on an impending end of MANKIND, if ever the VAMPIRES take over to rule the world.

PRIEST is a 2011 American post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure starring PAUL BETTANY in the title role.

The film, directed by SCOTT STEWART is based on the popular KOREAN COMIC of the same name.

And what better way than to glorify the dismal battle fields and the gloom of doomsday in true grand style of 3D.


The story opens on an alternative world, one that’s ravaged by decades of warfare between the vicious VAMPIRES and MAN.

Legendary Warrior Priest (PAUL BETTANY) has finished fighting his last VAMPIRE WAR and is wilfully living in serenity with the remaining human inhabitants in a far-out dystopian city ruled by the Church.

No violence, the Church preaches.

That is, until his niece (LILY COLLINS) is abducted by a savage pack of VAMPIRES.

He immediately breaks his sacred vows of peace to seek her out before she is converted into another beastly flesh eating ghoul.

Joining his crusade is his small team of warriors – his niece’s boy friend (CAM GIGANDET), a young trigger happy wasteland detective, together with a former Warrior Priestess MAGGIE Q.

The battle is set to begin.

It’s clear, anytime during the show, that CGI ACTION takes centerstage.

It’s fight … kill …. fight and more killings ….

The plot is secondary, it just ambles along to tickle our fancy and to justify the action glorifcations.

Cinematography in sombre style is splendid, showing lushes of barren landscape against thick layers of desolate despair.

The film takes a stab at gothic horror combining touches of a Sergio Leone western, with moods creatively imbued in the likes of Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

The priests’ retro-futuristic motorbikes looming across the deserts to indulge us to a fantasy feast offer no apologies,

other than to act as warfare gadgets used as a means of escape.

PRIEST is a “borderline” film in which you choose to have coffee or tea.

If you are looking to sink your teeth into a slick plot with superb acting, then this one is not for you.

The actors play warriors sporting grim grimaces.

But for fans of the vampire action genre who are starving for CGI effects in 3D, this one can do no wrong.


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