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Do you read the comics?

At some point in our lives, during our formative years, most of us could have grown up on a diet of the MARVEL comics.

If so, one should be familiar with the scores of iconic American super heroes dwelling within the Marvel Super Space.

These figures would loom, larger than life in our fantasies, unbelievably stereo-typed, overly muscled in the form of Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Iron Man, Thor, the X-Men and their heroic deeds. The list surely goes on.

Salute, please.

And bravo, these unsunk heroes fight for us, to save the human race and the earth from extinction, over and over again.

Since the late 1990s, Marvel has become increasingly protective of its intellectual properties. The X-Men, Spider-Man, and Iron Man all got powerful big-screen treatment, resulting in an exemplary marriage between art and commerce.

Great films are made and they are heroic blockbusters with heart, soul, thrills, and emotivity.


The new one is here to sweep you off your feet and carry you way over the moon for as far as you dare venture, into the abyss of your aesthetic mind.

This Reviewer can surely go on and on pitching one Marvel super icon against the other.

But it goes to state the obvious that different directors have different strokes and therefore treatments are so different.

This review will focus on the present icon, with CHRIS EVANS leading us into his role of CAPTAIN AMERICA.

This film is superb wholesome entertainment.

It’s a smashing adventure targeting the entire family in mind, with colorful action galore that will astound in the glory of 3D.

This is an arresting movie with double doses on the ravages of war and a blossoming romance that’s nipped in the bud before you can say hey-presto.

Step right in.

Young Steve Rogers (CHRIS EVANS) is a puny Brooklyn kid who is a loser always being set upon by bullies. He dreams of joining the Army and defending America against the Nazis.

Turned down as 4-F, he refuses to give up, and eventually makes it to basic training, where he’s being trampled upon.

But the kid has determination and the balls to succeed. This attracts the attention of the hard-boiled Col. Phillips (TOMMY LEE JONES) and a scientist named Erskine (STANLEY TUCCI) who supervises a secret government program.

Steve is injected with a special serum that rips his muscles and improves his metabolism, making him an unexpected demi-God with latent powers.

You get to watch the art of superimposing actor CHRIS EVAN’s face onto the frame of a puny body double and sees the stunning transformation. This is the marvel of visual effects at its best.

You will be enthralled when CAPTAIN AMERICA is out doing a colorful song-and-dance broadway-type road show with a bevy of chorus girls and a mock-up Hitler to sell war bonds. Steve is slowly being transformed into a media-made hero, starring in comic books and serials designed to boost American morale.

The movie inhabits a world where the bad guys are bad, the good guys are good.

Compelling performances from an all star cast with competent directorial leadership by JOE JOHNSTON.

All in all, “CAPTAIN AMERICA” is a feel-good adventure movie that’s set to entertain.

And entertain it does, in no small measure.

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