Monday, July 4, 2011



It’s here!

And in waddle this “MR.POPPER’S PENGUINS” movie with a resounding bang.

Stay braced for a spell of summer magic with this fun, smashing, “feel good” family entertainment that will sweep you off your feet and blow you all the way to the moon.

It’s a welcome respite after a long season of feasting on a diet of 3D animation and robotic films, checking senseless violence, mindless slapsticks and what-have-you.

Less is more …..

and simplicity is originality.

Rightfully so.

This gem of a movie stars JIM CARREY in a gregarious, heart-warming role designed to tickle your ribs and is in part, an instant de-stress therapy.

JIM is in his own element as part actor, part comedian and is not just about to be upstaged by a small flock of flightless birds.

Six, to be exact.

Lo and behold, these are not ordinary birds.

They are living cute penguins enhanced with computer-enhanced abilities.

They honk, defecate, twaddle and waddle around Manhattan arrogantly in complete defiance of their existence.

JIM CARREY plays Popper, an exasperated professional who’s on tenterhooks, trying to keep up with the troublesome penguins’ noisy antics that are testing his patience and sanity.

Uproarious mayhem are expected, but in finality the penguins demonstrate to us an honest lesson on love, laughter and family ties.

In life, we tend to take things for granted.


JIM CARREY has been noticeably absent from the big screen for some time, so let’s welcome him back happily.

But now, let’s deal with the synopsis.

Tommy Popper (Jim Carrey) is a notable real estate developer in Manhattan who thrives on challenges.

He is amicably divorced from Amanda (Carla Gugino) with two children (Madeline Carroll, Maxwell Perry Cotton) whom he sees on alternate weekends.

Then out of the blue, a belated gift from Popper’s late father, a world traveler arrives from Antarctica in a crate containing a live penguin.

He intends to reject it but fails ….

and another five mischievous penguins are promptly deposited at his doorstep.

Time goes on and feelings grow and stoned faced Popper gets emotionally attached to the naughty penguins.

His swank New York apartment becomes a winter wonderland, the business deal he’s long been working on fell flat, and everything just go wrong.

Through the chaos, he espies life in a different perspective and realizes how important a family unit can be.

Not just cute to look at, the penguins create escapades that prompt Popper to delve into his heart and treasure the importance of familiness.

Aren’t dads responsible to express their feelings for their children, something young Popper missed out on, during his formative years.

The real stars of the show are indesputably, the six adorable penguins who are virtually stealing the thunder from JIM CARREY and giving the actor a run for his money.

A cool animated comedy that is smart and hilarious?


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