Tuesday, September 13, 2011

“JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN” Movie Review. Expect Less. Enjoy More.

“Here am I, bursting ONSCREEN with my AWESOME, LETHAL KUNG FU KICKS!”

“Hey, I am NOT here to preach the GREEN EARTH.  I arrive to save the FLAMING GLOBE!”


“I let you into a little SECRET.  I have a FETISH for RED LIPSTICK ….”

“SORRY, I did the WRONG FLIP!”

“HECK, I am NAKED and BLUE.  Wrong TIMING ….”

“Here’s STARING at you, IMBECILE!”

“I may be SHORT, but I tell you I can OUTSMART you any time!”

“HIGHER up there ….. ahhh, yes …. Honey!”

“Can’t you see I am DEAF, idiot.”


Without doubt, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as evident in JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN, a British action comedy parodying the likes of the infamous James Bond 007.

The title itself sounds preposterous.

We have here the sequel to the 2003 version with Rowan Atkinson reprising the wacky role written by him and directed by Oliver Parker.

It’s anybody guess that he will return in top form to milk more guffaws out of you.

He promises to get into more trouble big-time for your sake.

Our clumsy hero is seen as trying to save the earth, no – not from the green issue, but from the chaotic globe being brutally mutilated. See, we must rely on this buffoon.

Atkinson is of the ridiculous frame, silly wimpish eyes and a small mouth. He promises to deliver more of his absurd “laugh-out-loud” gags.

So with Johnny English hitting the screen this time round, the believable question is, will he screw up the world further?

You lessen your expectations and you’ll get to enjoy the movie a lot more.

This secret agent is hibernating in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery for eight years, after a mission went wrong in Mozambique.  A head monk decides to train English so he can save the world once more.  MI-7 (a spoof on English secret service MI-6) seeks Johnny English after his training for a brand new mission.

Three Southeast Asian countries are developing nuclear arms as well as an assassination plot to kill the Chinese Premier.  So, Johnny English must save the Premier from being plundered, while making sure China collaborates with England and not with the rogue nations.

The plot is wafer-thin with lots of loopy holes in between.

But no matter.

This film is crafted for die-hard fans of Rowan Atkinson who would love to rib him silly. This apparent anti-hero teaches us to laugh at ourselves because tomorrow may never come. 

You don't go to the cinema to evacuate the story of Mr. Bean's spin-off.

Rather, you go to be tickled pink, to laugh at his daring and self-deprecating misdemeanor.

Rowan Atkinson, alias Mr. Bean, albeit Johnny English is all set to squeeze you into more contorted laughter this Summer.

Stay braced, folks.

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