Wednesday, September 21, 2011

“SERENITY”. It’s simply a HEARTFUL mesh of MIND over MATTER.

More oft than not, you’ll come across some smart alecs who are ever eager to impart their wisdom to this sorry world.

They will spout some copy cat sayings and get you thrillingly inspired.

Indeed, but for how long?

We all know that it’s easy to ad lib, yet not easy to follow.

For a fact, people who frequent temples or churches may not necessarily be saints.

On the contrary.

It’s not the act of going, rather the doctrine of believing, and doing.

Actions speak louder than words.

Every man wears a facade to conceal what’s deep within him, even though he may not want to admit it.

These days, a nice pat, a kind word, a beaming smile may conceal latent insecurities.

Are these for real?

There are no perfections in this techno world, otherwise there won’t be any wars.  People and politics are competing and crushing you down, creating a dismal living hell for some.

Sad, but true.

A Buddhist saying enlightens:

“When the mind is tranquil and serene,

We can appreciate the beauty in everything.”

What do you think?

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