Wednesday, April 11, 2012

“BATTLESHIP” Movie Review. When MEN battle ALIENS again, it has to be one heart-stomping ACTION, all the way.


Yet again, we have another techno-thriller recycling elements from similar genre films

and teasing the very notion of giant robots.

Mind you, this sci-fi film is kick-ass all the way, and it will surprise you with a chock-full of technical pizazz.

It is one mesmerizing experience to boot.

It offers no apologies about “new-ness”, but director PETER BERG provides a refreshing treatment, a plethora of adventure, abundant thrills and explosive challenges that will dangle right before you, fast and furious.

Pull no punches as we have here two of Hollywood’s remarkable action heroes TAYLOR KITSCH and LIAM NEESON and they are summoned here to rip the giant screen asunder in this action spectacular.

Only this time, NEESON does only a cameo leaving the death-defying stunts to his much younger compatriot. It’s truly TAYLOR KITSCH’s vehicle.

The plot centers around an impetuous egg head called Alex Hopper (TAYLOR KITSCH) who intends to woo  and wed the daughter of an US Admiral Shane (LIAM NEESON). His elder brother enlists him in the US Navy to tame his wild ways. During a massive naval exercise in Hawaii, everyone on board detects the presence of Aliens who eventually launch an attack on Earth with far superior weapons.

You will be fed with pulsating action scenes, notwithstanding explosions aplenty and mass invasions.

Kudos to the special effects guys who rendered the visual treatment.

The results are stupendously effective and speak for themselves.

The team dresses the robot motions with a sense of  urgency and style that belies the size and scale of the invasion.

No spoilers here to mar your enjoyment, but BATTLESHIP delivers on its promise of stunning visuals and well-crafted action sequences.

Here’s a high-octane thriller reeking of horror and suspense featuring aliens from out of this world embarking for Earth to take over.

For avid action buffs, this popcorn flick cannot disappoint.

So what are you waiting for?

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