Saturday, June 23, 2012

“I am TOTO the CAT. Come PLAY with ME.” Believe this or Not?

Now, here’s one catty issue:

I have a carefree, hazy friend, who, citing “health reasons”, enjoys sleeping in the buff.  No joke.

“It’s just a hygienic habit,” he preens. “My skin gotta breathe.”

And every morning, promptly without fail, his pet cat TOTO would wake him up with a nudging “meow”.

“Come Play with Me”, TOTO purrs.

This is TOTO’s lovable nature:

“Look into my

gentle eyes

that see so much,

My paws have
the quiet touch.

I purr to signal
“all is well”

and I am able to show more love
than words can tell.

I practice movements
touched with pride,

and I am a calming presence
by your side.

Ours is a friendship
that will last and grow,

It’s small wonder
why you love me so.”

TOTO has an uncanny gift of knowing, when people are talking, whether what they say is right or wrong.

If people should say more than what they should say, then this sensitive cat would mew in disagreement.

Isn’t this swell?

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