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Ridley Scott is a renowned sci-fi director.

There’s no doubt that he had been the doyen of stylized scific fantasy films since his original ALIEN hit the screen way back in 1979 and the BLADE RUNNER in 1982.

Through his body of work, he clearly demonstrated that beauty can always rear its ugly head and turn deadly, as it is able to elude itself beyond the limits of unexplained human perception.

As well as this devastating element called terror.

And what of PROMETHEUS, his latest large scale effects-driven offering?

Awesome SIGHT and SOUND, yes.

A cohesive storyline that intensifies as the pace quickens, no.

Yeah, PROMETHEUS could have been a better film if …..

The stupendous dressings of non-stop heart-stomping action and animation are certainly admirable but it adds to more fluff than substance. If only RIDLEY SCOTT had taken pains to justify a consistent narrative of bizarre happenings that occurred upon the discovery of aliens hibernating on a lonely neighbouring planet.

What is obviously lacking in PROMETHEUS is an arresting storyline that peaks with solid character development of the principal actors, but no – PROMETHEUS chooses to ride gleefully on mind blowing effects.

PROMETHEUS is a powerful and extravagant visual feast with the right blend of action, desolate world, iron ladies and hot hunks.

A sure-fire formula is pointing in our way. But what could have possibly gone wrong?

Plodding slowly into the first half of the 2 hour-and-5 minute film, the lavish production designs expound more like a sci-fi distraction than one solid attraction.

The plot is based loosely on a delegated team of archaeologists whose proud mission is to travel to the darkest corners of the universe to uncover relics (ancient drawings on Earth connected and showing a constellation far, far away) that may provide the answers to the origin of mankind, why we were created and by whom. Would you decipher these "red herring" findings as a form of invitation?

These eager archaeologists arrive on an apparent barren planet without warning. They explore, they discover an unexpected  sinister presence and they fight for dear life.

Ridley Scott’s latest venture acknowledges the existence of a higher intelligence but does little to evince an explanation of its own.

Lacking the gut-wrenching tension of Alien, the film repeatedly stretches credulity beyond breaking point.

There are no real nail biting scares to jolt you out of your seat.

You witness the slithery demons with slimy tentacles looming larger than life and this is nothing to shout about.

You observe the slaying of victims, but oddly you do not feel for their demise.

PROMETHEUS ain’t going to be a classic, unlike Alien and Blade Runner, but there are enough “curiosity” ingredients to get you heading for the cinema.

Again, this one is a beautifully crafted in the likes of IMAX 3D ….

 Judge for yourself before you hop aboard this spaceship journey.



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