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SURE, if you are an armchair critic looking for worms in an old can, rest assured metaphorically that there will be a plentiful of these creepies wriggling their way to you.

But if you are looking for pure entertainment to rest your weary head and feet after a tiring day, then this is it.

“THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN” has a heart-warming plot that treads on wholesome old-school charm, and will overwhelm you with its honesty.

After the last film which starred TOBEY MAGUIRE in 2007 as with the successful franchise, this new one is a total reboot where you don’t have to re-connect and compare the past with the present.

Your mind is free to roam and you bet “THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN”  is an entertaining superhero film with dazzling imagery and visual stunts.

It also offers splendid performances from an all-star cast.

What’s more, it is being presented in IMAX 3D to enthrall you.

This time around, the role of the young, albeit nerdy PETER PARKER is played by ANDREW GARFIELD, the famous British face in the FACEBOOK feature where he acted as the co-founder.

It is his story and his apparent vulnerability is clearly demonstrated here, where he has to wear a mask to conceal his identity.

He’s the son of a top scientist who had done extensive research in transplanting genes.

No, he has sand kicked in his face by campus bullies, he’s not a popular guy with gals in the university, all because he is an introverted kid.

Then he got stung by a roving spider at a genetics lab and boom ….. he miraculously becomes the CGI superhero who has all the powers to knock down any villain that crosses his path.

SPIDER-MAN’s biggest challenge comes in the form of Dr. Curt Connors (RHYS IFANS) who has lost his right arm and is obsessive about regenerating it. He injects himself profusely with genes of lizards which have the capacity to replace lost limbs.

However, an accidental overdose results with him being transformed into a dangerous giant lizard who’s out on a destructive rampage.

GARFIELD and his screen interest Gwen Stacy (EMMA STONE) share an affable chemistry.

And it is a delight to watch veteran actors SALLY FIELD and MARTIN SHEEN again after such a long spell. They both exude family warmth as PETER PARKER’s devoted aunt and uncle.

Film director MARC WEBB and his team of competent writers did a splendid job by weaving an old school tale with believable stunts, not totally relying on an overkill of mind-boggling and overblown CGI.

“THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN” is what you’d call wholesome family entertainment.

You bet it’s definitely worth a see!

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