Friday, July 27, 2012

YEO YANN YANN (Part One). It’s UP, CLOSE and PERSONAL with this magnanimous ACTRESS.

My favorite Asian actress?

It has to be YEO YANN YANN, two thumbs up!

It was in 2006 that I caught her acting prowess in an understated feature on DVD called SINGAPORE DREAMING.

In it, she played a downtrodden daughter whose parents only cared about her less-than-capable brother to perpetuate the family lineage.

I was immediately hooked to this personable actress, and since then I made a point to always check her other acting performances.

YEO YANN YANN is a renowned actress of stage and screen.

She certainly needs no introduction.

It had been reported that it was a blessing-in disguise she did not become a contracted artiste with the Singapore Mediacorp or else she would be seen in the station’s oft predictably scripted, regular drama series, as with thespian Huang Biren who is no longer in the scene.


She’s one tough cookie, she crossed the causeway a few years ago to meet new challenges, to enter the Malaysian Chinese drama market.

Here, she made her mark in a lead role of THE IRON LADY, where she was personified as a teenager right through old age, defying conventions than a female in a Chinese traditional family can give the male gender a run for his money, can be as capable in heading a corporation like any other.

She earned the prestigious Malaysian Golden Award for Best Actress for THE IRON LADY in 2010.

She had not look back since and has gone from strength to strength in a slew of other demanding performances.

Her notable big screen roles were SINGAPORE DREAMING, 881, BEING HUMAN and PETALING STREET WARRIORS.

Her drama series THE IRON LADY and THE DESCENDANT will always be my firm favorites.

This online article pays homage to her many talents.

She is my “on-top-the-list” Chinese actress.

Immensely approachable, unpretentious and self-deprecating in some of her jokes, she is great company to be with.

 YEO YANN YANN, I salute you here with this timely piece before the NTV7 2012 Golden Awards this September where you have achieved two nominations for BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS in your recent drama roles.

May the force be with you in love and career!


LEE MING ZHONG is not just a goodlooking face. He can be a fun guy who’s sincere and will let his hair down given the right company. He is passionate about his acting craft. If you check with him on how he reacts to criticism in the show business, he will say sure, criticism hurts, but it is the last thing you should worry about. You only judge people if you know them well. And what is his opinion of YEO YANN YANN whom he has partnered in a slew of dramas and a feature film?

“She’s a very competent actress, a die-hard perfectionist, but she is also a caring and fun colleague to be with. She’s able to tackle tough roles, be it comedic or dramatic, with aplomb.”

Here are the two trailers showcasing YEO YANN YANN’s Best Supporting Actress nominations for the NTV7 Golden Awards 2012:

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