Thursday, August 30, 2012

“SADAKO 3D” Movie Review. Flawed, but Entertaining nonetheless.


You don’t simply leave good things alone, can you?


The year was 1998 when Japanese director Nakata Hideo created a global wave of horror with his debut adaptation of Suzuki Koji’s best-seller called Ring.

 It was then a refreshing concept, original and terrifying, focusing on a cursed videotape that killed anyone who watched it.

All at  once it became an instant horror classic and threw the doors of Asian horror open to a receptive worldwide audience. Instilling cinematic chills is big time entertainment albeit a lucrative business.

 The Ring inspired remakes both in South Korea and the USA, as well as a prequel and two sequels of its own.


 14 years down the road, the Ring series is braced to spawn its fifth official entry, in the form of Sadako 3D, based on a new story entry from Suzuki.

This time, the plot revolves around a cursed Internet video, depicting the suicide of a young artist, which causes anyone who watches it to die a  horrific death, moments later.

Ayukawa Akane (Ishihara Satomi) teaches at an all-girl high school and when one of her students’ apparent suicide is attributed to the video, she begins her own investigation.

Shot in the third dimension, you watch hands reaching out of screens, insects hurling themselves at you, the shattering of glasses aroused by hyenic screams and locks of flowy hair creeping their way towards the audience.


 James Cameron has demonstrated via AVATAR that money can virtually buy any trick  in the special effects book.

But even then, the tap of creative ideas can sometimes runneth dry due to market saturation and fresh concepts “need to be drummed up” to induce new scares.

You do not go to watch a ghost movie to dig trenches, unearth flaws and find logic.

You go because you want to be entertained, to get “spooked” and everybody loves a good scare,now and then.

SADAKO 3D can be said to be atmospheric beautiful in execution with a desperate romanticism.

It is a creepy and intense thriller confronted with ghostly visions amd disturbing illusions that will send chills down your spine.

Appraise with an open mind and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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