Wednesday, August 8, 2012

“THE BOURNE LEGACY” Movie Review. A Reboot doused in a palatable New Dressing.


An apt title, this one, and it has finally arrived.

“THE BOURNE LEGACY” proudly parades the continuation of this grit-and-intrigue actioner in the line of the fabulous BOURNE franchise.

Only that this time around, TONY GILROY, the co-writer of the earlier three films has taken over the helm.

 The newly established film director happily conjures his personal version, culled from using material from the original novels by the late ROBERT LUDLUM.

He breathes a fresh feel by injecting a new hero (JEREMY RENNER)  whose deeds will be exemplified, fighting for dear life, in death-defying situations triggered by events and characters from the past three films.

The first half of the film meanders with the spewing of red herrings, intensifying the suspense.

Action peaks in the second half and thence it is pulsating excitement all the way.

The JASON BOURNE character portrayed by MATT DAMON had been written off the hook.

Call it a rehash or a reboot, the old chapter has closed and a brand new chapter is now beginning. Now,  JEREMY RENNER is taking the form of AARON CROSS – and he alone will carry the weight of this movie.

He is ably supported with the “additions” of veterans such as RACHEL WEISZ, EDWARD NORTON and STACY KEACH.

JEREMY RENNER is Aaron Cross, an intelligence operative who participates in an integral secret government program called OUTCOME.  This project utilizes pharmacology to enhance soldiers’ brains and bodies.

After the inexplicable chain of events that happened in the last film “ULTIMATUM”, Jason Bourne uncovered clues in London and New York about the truth shrouding the secret government program that had transformed him into a ruthless killer.

OUTCOME’s head Eric Byer (EDWARD NORTON) therefore decides to shut down his program and kill all its members.

However Aaron Cross (JEREMY RENNER) manages to survive the shelling.

He enlists the help of biochemist Dr. Marta Shearing (RACHEL WEISZ) as he needs the intelligence enhancing medications in order to survive.

Together they flee from Byer’s agents who are out to silence them.

The two’s fierce determination to stay alive takes them on a dangerous journey through the US, the exotic East – culminating at Manila, where the last vital piece of the Bourne puzzle is located.

One of the notable action highlights of the film takes place in Manila where there’s a cat-and-mouse mayhem of dashing, jumping, kicking and acrobatics in dark alleyways, atop roofs and congested side streets,

jeepneys are spinning perilously at ferocious speed, relentless motorbike and car chasing to hump up the adrenaline rush.

These scenes were shot in Pasay City, Manila’s San Andres Bukid district, the Navotas fish port and Palawan, providing the notion that the Philippine locales can give the Thai’s (foreign film makers’ favorite location choice) a run for the money.

An entertaining film, depending on what you are looking for.

For avid fans of suspense and action thrillers, this one deserves your attention.

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