Wednesday, September 5, 2012



It’s pouring now!

I can see the scurrying raindrops ….

They pitter-patter furiously against the window pane, forming circles of beautiful patterns.

I admire the uplifting sight.

I love the smell of rain.

Everything about it - from the musky fragrance of the air before the impending downpour

to the sound of the torrent as it smatters against the windows.

It’s a splash of poetic indulgence for me.

It’s therapeutic to marvel at the busy streets as they are bathed in the glory of sudden showers.

It’s fun to smirk at peeved people rushing for shelters

cursing that there’s yet going to be another traffic jam.

When the storm brews over

and the sun once again begins to shine warmly through the clouds ….

do observe the beauty of nature in all its splendor.

Let’s revel in this lull-after-the-storm, this precious calm.

After all …..

What is LIFE if not for its smallest pleasures?

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass…

It’s about learning how to dance in the rain”

singer VIVIAN GREEN cajoles us.

She’s absolutely right!


Poet RAVEN SANCHEZ ALEXANDER, however, expresses a different interpretation of the rain when he laments:

” The clouds are crying

out for you

The rain is falling

fast and blue

The puddles on the ground

Shimmer in my sight

I dance in the rain

On this dark, cold night

Enjoying the water

As I ignore the pain

Forgetting it all

As I twirl it away

I must be a sight

All covered and wet

But I ignore the stares

Instead, I just forget

Forgetting the broken promises

All the fakes and the lies

The stories of heartbreak

Of love and demise

I need a break

From all this hate

From the world of doom

The cloak of gloom

That we weave around ourselves so tight

It clings to us

All day and night

My hair is soaked

My eyes are red

I might be crying

So sick from dread

Lightning flashes

Thunder booms

The world’s aglow

As more storms bloom

Sometimes rain is all I need

Heavy falling water

With a light breeze

To blow away my troubles

For a minute, or a year

And instead i can imagine

The good things that are true

And as I’m dancing there alone

I dream that I’m with you.”

SHOWERS are really beautiful.

Next time when you espy the clouds dispersing,

That the wind takes on a certain howling ….

And you feel the coming of an impending rain.

Take a chance,

Break into a light dance.

Let your hair down,

Bask in the shower,


It may not be your normal routine …

But hey, it can be food for your weary soul!

Seen the classic movie SINGING IN THE RAIN starring GENE KELLY and DEBBIE REYNOLDS?

After all these years, that rainy scene still still lingers ….

leaving one big imprint on my aesthetic mind.

Anyone who says that SUNSHINE brings HAPPINESS has never danced in the RAIN.

For sure!

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