Sunday, September 30, 2012

“LOOPER” MOVIE REVIEW. What’s goes around comes around in karmic style.



Frankly I’ve never been a big fan of time travel flicks, but honestly, this one looks promising.

If you relish futuristic sci-fi yarns, then don’t miss it.

It is cleverly written and directed by RIAN JOHNSON.

But take your time to digest the plot closely, lest you get lost in translation.

It stars JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT and BRUCE WILLIS and they both play the same character called Joe from different time zones, 30 years apart.

The genre here is labeled time travel, so kindly fine-tune your suspension of disbelief.

“LOOPER” actively transports you through the current future (2044) and further into 2074.

The year is 2044 and the globe is in a sorry state.

Hit men called Loopers exist at this time, and their tasks are to kill undesirable people sent from the future, 30 years ahead in time by a crime syndicate for elimination.

You don’t go round shooting people dead, therefore this time travel buzz is illegal.

The Loopers are well rewarded and live an envious life involving speedy cars, eye-dropping drugs and sexy women. Or so it seems.

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT is one stone-faced looper living in 2044 under the name of Joe.

His older alter-ego takes the form of BRUCE WILLIS who exists in the futuristic year of 2074.

Joe takes killing instructions from his crime syndicate bosses 30 years ahead of time.

At an appointed time, he will show up promptly at a deserted rural spot.

The victim “from the future” will be delivered to him hooded, with a bag over his head, arms tied behind him and silver bars strapped to the body.

Joe then blasts him dead and claims the silver bars as his payment.

Forward to 2074, where the opportunity to mess with somebody’s present becomes a robust business.

A mob boss called the Rainmaker usurps this “time travel” scheme to despatch unwanted people back to 2044 for execution.

Lucrative job it may be, but what goes around comes around.

And karma has it that the loopers will have to face their own executions in the near future.

So much for spoilers and the rest, you have to see for yourself.

This sci-fic feature film has a potent potpourri mix: time travel, organized crime, death, loss, hope and redemption.

A-listers JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT and BRUCE WILLIS take center stage in this unusual story.

EMILY BLUNT appears in a supporting role to lend a feminine touch.

She plays Sara, a woman of mystery with child actor PIERCE CAGNON as her self-possessed 10-year-old son, Cid.

The premise is refreshing and is definitely worth a watch.

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