Thursday, November 15, 2012

“PITCH PERFECT” Movie Review. It’s one “A-CAPPELLA” blast all the way!


If you count yourself as a devout follower of the much-hyped American TV series GLEE, then this one is genuinely crafted “pitch purr-fect” for you.

It’s a breezy campus eye-opener, one that takes you through a seldom talked about world of ” a-cappella ” singing (vocalizing without instrumental accompaniment).

It targets everybody who’s young, who thinks young, who cannot resist toe-tapping, finger snapping and booty shaking at the slightest beat of a musical strain , as its primary audience.

The film gushes the ongoing rivalry of two musical groups from the same private college, Mythical Barden.

The disgruntled Barden Bellas is the female group have always lost to their male counterparts, the Treble Makers simply because they are second best.

This time, after a humiliating loss at the finals at Lincoln Center, Aubrey (Anna Camp), the head of the Bellas, swears vengeance and will reform her troupe to win the championship the following year.

Easier said than done, so the auditions begin.

You can say the new recruits are far from encouraging.

 Enter a black lesbian, an overweight Australian called Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and a sex-crazed future Hooters waitress, among others who are just as  bad.

Hope lies in the form of a new discovery Beca (Anna Kendrick), a snooty freshman with a silky voice but a bad attitude.

Beca spends her time using her laptop to re-arrange beats and create mash-ups of Kelly Clarkson contemporary pop.

She has a talent for writing new materials as well.

This outrageous group of teenagers will ensure you with a couple of hours of raucous and heartwarming fun.

You are treated to weirdos, catchy musical mash-ups, competition jitters, love, angst, jealousies and whatever that pose as a threat to harmonious teamwork.

Relax, friend.

In the end, it’s all well that ends well.

And everybody lives happily after.

Or will they?

Go watch if you wanna loosen up and unwind after a hard day’s grind.

“PITCH PERFECT” the raucous comedy will help you soothe your nerves in no time.

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