Friday, May 17, 2013

“HUMMINGBIRD” Movie Review. Can a Hummingbird signify a Death omen?



Can a hummingbird signify a death omen?

You wish.

Still, I am convinced that I stumbled upon this questionable finding from some Asian supernatural folklore.

“HUMMINGBIRD” the movie is an arresting film, for all it’s worth.

It could have a lot more going, if film director STEVEN KNIGHT who also wrote the screenplay had focused on the character development of the lead players.

It is a mob thriller with a heart, some soul and loads of humanity.

JASON STATHAM is Joey Jones, a reluctant anti-hero on the run from a past he is fleeing in order to forget, to escape a military court-marshal.

He leads an impoverished existence where the streets of London is his abode, as he braves a dog-eat-dog society of  the weak being bullied and trampled upon by unruly gangsters.

His only friend is a God fearing albeit confused nun AGATHA BUZEK (Sister Cristina) who’s in charge of feeding the homeless.

She becomes Joey’s confidante and an initial platonic chemistry sparks off for the two, until lust erupts between two complex humane souls seeking emotional connection.

JASON STATHAM is given a different type of role this time.

He not only fights, he has to horn his acting skills playing a broken man torn by injustice, looking for redemption.

The movie has him breaking into a luxurious apartment in the posh district of Covent Garden where the owner has gone for an overseas business trip for three months.

He conveniently finds  a set of car keys, a credit card and a solid bank account where Joey can adopt a new identity. Instead, he uses this opportunity to atone for  his past deeds to come clean and get a respectful job.

He gives up drugs and some booze, finds work as a dish washer in a Chinese restaurant.

He ascends to the post of porter and unofficial bouncer.

Life’s getting a lot better and it’s not unusual that he redeems himself by handing out his hard earned cash to help his hungry at friends at the shelter.

This is a dark thriller where the action is carefully measured.

The director-of-photography dresses it with an atmospheric and evocative film style to bring on the chills.

Go watch it if you are a fan of action star JASON STATHAM.

This will be his first big acting role.

Now, give him a break!

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