Wednesday, June 26, 2013

“THE HEAT” MOVIE REVIEW. Two Feisty Broads bite the Bullet.



There must be a valid marketing reason why the film maker called this movie “THE HEAT”.

It connotes all forms of sexual perversions.

Maybe the film director PAUL FEIG is taking a swipe at the idea of two breeding bitches in season.

SANDRA BULLOCK is a “seldom seen on the big screen” actress these days.

She’s lovely, but when the camera captures unflattering angles during her close-ups, she tends to look like a stalking version of the late Michael Jackson, larger than life.

Foul-mouthed MELISSA McCARTHY plays a disheveled blubber bag (don’t she always?) who lives by her trademark scowls and rants. Everybody thinks this overweight dame is cute.

“THE HEAT” is a COP COMEDY about an exasperated FBI Special Agent, Sarah Ashburn played by SANDRA BULLOCK and a vulgar Boston cop Shannon Mullin played by MELISSA McCARTHY. They squabble and fist fight over every unimportant issue. But when they join forces to track down a ruthless drug lord, they bond like glue, and as time goes by, they become inseparable sisters.

SANDRA BULLOCK is a fine award winning actress in whatever roles given to her.

 Comedian MELISSA McCARTHY’s string of awards include an Emmy for CBS comedy “Mike and Molly” in 2011, received an Oscar nomination for box office hit “Bridesmaids” in 2012, and then her latest was “Identity Thief” alongside Jason Bateman in early 2013.

No spoilers here.

Go watch the movie if  you fancy SANDRA BULLOCK or MELISSA McCARTHY.

You can’t be wrong.

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