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周德邦 JACKIE CHOW: Actor, Singer, Composer, Baseball Activist. A Fine Potpourri of Arts.



It takes years of hard work, perseverance and dedication to the Art that places Singapore photographer FELIX THAM where he’s today.

 FELIX travels the long way from the Lion City to Kuala Lumpur to shoot this online Fashion spread for me.

I can see that his methodology is painstaking and he knows the precise moment to press the shutter whenever he is satisfied with the pose.

The theme of this set is creative simplicity amid a mood background.

And FELIX does it admirably.

FELIX is a freelance photographer with two folio websites, so do check these out.

They are: and


He takes pride as an disarming baseball activist.

He, coincidentally, sits as the Founder and President of the Hong Kong Professional Baseball Academy (HKPBA)

To those who know him, he’s the affable JACKIE CHOW.

Now, let’s hear his story.


“I dig baseball since I was 10. Baseball shows what teamwork, camaraderie and fighting spirit are all about. From baseball I learn about how to cope with failures, about how not to make excuses in life…”

Though time has flown since the last interview we shared a few years ago, in October 2009.


How did you first step into the world of show business? Are there any memorable first jobs?

I was actually a baseball player and part-time model before I started out. I was cast by Scud to make the first baseball movie in Hong Kong, called “City Without Baseball”. It was a tremendous opportunity and a memorable experience for me, especially as the other actors in the movie were also fellow baseball players. It just goes to show that you never know when opportunity comes a knocking! It was the first chance I had to work with a full film production team – and that was a real eye-opener.


Actors sometimes have to tackle difficult or complex roles. Which was the most challenging character you’ve had to portray? And which was the most satisfying?

How important or useful is the Director’s insight when you are playing these intricate roles?

In the film “Raw Data”, I played the role of a lecturer battling sex addiction. There were not many lines, so we had to improvise a lot on set, and focus on our characters and expressions. My role was a bit complex – the character had a good educational background and career, yet he was driven insane by his own lust.


There was one scene that we shot in the lecture hall of a real university. I was told to give a talk to a university class, but nobody in the class knew I was an actor except for the film crew! I was introduced as Dr. Wong and I had to give an improvised 30 min talk plus Q&A! That was a real challenge, and I was quite nervous at first. But I soon warmed to the idea of being a lecturer in the class, and I couldn’t stop talking and interacting with the students. That was really exhilarating and fun – and not as difficult as I first imagined it to be!


As an actor, what kind of roles do you like to take on? Is there a genre, such as in action or comedy, that you are most interested in?

I like any role that offers an interesting perspective or that has a good background story. As an actor, my job is to give my best to the production. If I have to choose I would like to act in some conspiracy drama, action, or even dark comedy. Of course, romantic date movies are also very nice. I’m not picky actually.


You are probably best known for your role in Permanent Residence, where you shared an onscreen kiss with one of the leads. What was it like and how did you prepare for the role?

Actually the kissing scene was not very hard to do compared to the bed scene! I just try to understand the character, what he is thinking or feeling in any situation, and then do what he is going to do in that situation.


You have worked quite extensively with the director Scud, who is known to have high demands on his acting cast. What is it like working with him and how do you cope with any unusual or difficult requests?

Scud is a very talented person, he has unique ideas in his film. I think working with him is a process of learning rather than a job. Most of the roles in his movies require a great passion to the art instead of a business sense of acting. He is the kind of director who is willing to share his time with the actors, crew and staff. Luckily. He always makes sure everyone understands the message, theme and atmosphere that he wants for the film.


Aside from your movies with Scud, what other significant roles have you played? Anything on television?

I focus my acting on film most of the time, and I have done plenty of independent productions both local and overseas. A recent short film required that I fly out to Malaysia for around two weeks. It is called “Every Breath You Fake”, and I play the role of a man struggling with his sexuality and a strained relationship with his neglected girlfriend. Keep a look out for that, it will be out anytime soon!


I haven’t actually done anything on television, but I’m sure it will be a good chance for me to get more exposure. There’s always a first time for everything.


Do you see yourself developing a career on mainstream television – like in a drama series?

I haven’t really thought about that, but I’m always prepared to take any opportunity that comes along the way. Television has always been a good platform for actors to develop their careers. Many of the best film stars like Andy Lau, Tony Leung and Chow Yuen Fat all started out in television, so I am definitely open to the idea of  branching out in that direction!


What would your dream role be? And which actors or director (aside from Scud) would you like to work with in the future for this role?

I still don’t have a clear picture of my dream role yet. I can only say that my goal is to go for something crazy or challenging – something that will be memorable to both viewers and myself. Seriously, Quentin Tarantino’s style would be something I will really dare to try, and ideally, if Chow Yuen Fat also takes part, that will really make my day too good to be true.



You are also a singer and composer? How would you describe your voice and what kind of songs do you like to sing? Will we be expecting an album release anytime soon?

Acting or singing – is there a particular direction you wish to take in terms of your career?

I’ve recently established my 4-man Band by the name of FAME.

Our line-up:

Jackie (Vocal),
Ki-Fung (Guitar),
River (Bass)

Soulful Pop rock will be our focus, our compositions drawn upon aspects of love and angst derived from personal experiences.



Where do you see yourself five years from now?

My goal in the industry is not just to be a performer, I would like to take time to focus on the creative and production side of it as well. For the next five years I will focus my work on the screen and stage to sharpen my tools before I move on.


I sing to release my soul (chuckles) and I compose lyrics to express my pent-up feelings.


Girl friend?

Let’s just say that I am too happy with my current lifestyle to warranty a committed relationship.


I love this world despite the turmoils, I love my job, I love my family and myself.

I am truly blessed!


I stand tall and proud. So come what may.

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