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“RIGOR MORTIS” 殭屍 Movie Review. A Potpourri of Incarnate Horrors.

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“RIGOR MORTIS” 殭屍 Press Review.

For those who may not know, RIGOR MORTIS is a medical term aptly describing the”stiffening of the joints and muscles of a body a few hours after death”.

Nasty description, but enough to expedite quivers down anybody’s spine.

Step right in, and you will be assailed by a myriad of gory glorifications that may jolt you out of your senses and force you to take a stroll down memory lane.

The mood that prevails through the entire movie is generically gloomy, sprinkled with a loadful of spooks, apparitions, zombies and blood curdling vampires demanding your visual attention.

Multi-talented writer, producer and film director JUNO MAK bravely spins a story about life, and the “neither world” where spirits and ghosts dwell. MAK loves bizarre stories, he grew up with these fables which got him hooked during his formative years.

Now, he is exploring the macabre realm of the undead.

Through RIGOR MORTIS, JUNO MAK pays an unusual homage to the classic Chinese vampire movies of the 80s.

No, you will not find pretty boys and alluring damsels in distress onscreen this time around.

MAK carefully assembles his lead cast, recalling some of the original cast members of the old classic vampire series, this despite a couple of these actors had passed on.

The middle-aged actors who are now taking center stage are KARA HUI (movie queen), PAW HEE CHING (movie queen) followed by a host of recognizable veterans such as CHIN SIU HO, ANTHONY CHAN, RICHARD NG and  LO HOI PANG.

You will naturally detect aesthetic traces of Japanese art in the visual presentations, as TAKASHI SHIMIZU (the brainchild of  horror flicks such as THE GRUDGE and JU-ON) is the resident co-producer here.

You can say JUNO makes his mark in his tribute to the Hong Kong Vampire Films of the 80s.

Ever brimming with confidence, he defies artistic boundaries with loads of stunning visual effects to blow your mind away on top of the scares. So stay braced.

Now,for a nail biting introduction to the dense plot:

Scene opens on a wide shot on the facade of a run down public housing building,

But truth be told, this tenement is infested  by menacing vampires, ghosts and zombies who take delight in creating supernatural chaos.

An unemployed actor,still depressed by the loss of his wife and child checks into one of the haunted rooms.

 Treading in the direction of the old school genre,  the director presents RIGOR MORTIS as a character-driven tale of redemption, as much as it is a horror film to boot.

All the principal characters are shown to be unable to come to terms with their inner demons. Co-Writer and first time Director JUNO MAK is assisted by the stellar performances from his all-star ensemble.

When it comes to craftsmanship, kudos to the Director-of-Photography who rendered a brilliant job. Every shot has been beautifully composed. The visual effects will surely blow you over the top.

The result is a film that will astound many viewers, both in depth and technical competence.

JUNO MAK can be classified as a new independent voice in HONG KONG CINEMA.

And RIGOR MORTIS is a stylish, albeit horror film.

Here you’ll find a blend of artful storytelling and gifted acting.

Go watch it !

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