Monday, December 9, 2013

MOVIE REVIEW: "EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS". If you Poop, then this is Your Shitty Business! 人人有份




Here’s a long-awaited Singapore movie from thespian producer-cum-director JACK NEO.

JACK is a renowned guru for his oft satirical slapsticks that induce provocative afterthoughts, catering for an ever eager Singapore-and-Malaysian audience who’s more than ready to lap it up just for pure laughs. From Singapore, with love.

His kind of movie is for anyone who wants to dump tiresome workloads behind in the office, to go out enjoy a couple of hours of squirmy guffaws.

Take note that, “EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS” is not directed by JACK NEO who’s taking a breather this time around. He chairs as the Executive Producer.

 Malaysian film maker LEE THEAN JEEN who sees better opportunities in Singapore helms this film with his deft touch.

He adds his brand flavor to this satire-of-sorts. Treatment counts.

LEE’s last directorial effort was HOMECOMING which JACK NEO and a host of Singapore MediaCorp artistes starred some two years ago. He also produced and directed two of the Singapore TV Station’s popular English drama series THE PUPIL and CODE OF LAW.

To be honest, I have a high regard for LEE but I have yet to catch up on EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS.

This film is a “crap” movie extolling a generous dosage of fart-pee-and-poo jokes and no prize for guessing where the delirious title comes from. Stay braced for the sights and sounds in Stereo.

EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS has a raw and honest approach to yucky bodily functions. You either love it or you don’t.

This Reviewer fully understands that JACK NEO (Producer) is a shrewd commercial businessman who knows what his audience wants.

And kudos to film director LEE THEAN-JEEN who braves the storm by crossing over to tackle a different genre.


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