Thursday, September 2, 2010

CATS & DOGS: The Revenge of KITTY GALORE (3-D) Movie Review. A SPOOFY BATTLE of the CANIDS.


It has to be 3-D again, this time with animals.

The world has just caught on the “bug”

and we are experiencing an overload of a grand thing.

3-D is going to be this new evolution in film entertainment.

A new chapter. A new phenomenon. Opening to a brand new dimension.

Everything else aside, the name CATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE can be a rambling mouthful.

For me, it took a long while before the whole sentence sank in.

I mean, KITTY GALORE (What?!)

Taking a dig at the PUSSY GALORE character from JAMES BOND’s movie “GOLDFINGER” in 1964?

It surely is.

Therefore expect lots of sugar and spice (spies) and everything nice.

You can say this feature is an absolute must for lovers of furry animals.

For those who swear that DOG is a man’s best friend, it is a must-watch.

For Muslims around the world who can only keep the aloof CAT as purr …. pet, it is a resounding nod to this cool film.

CATS tread with stealth.

Hell no, contrary to the popular belief that a CAT and DOG are feuding rivals waiting to tear each other apart, this Reviewer thinks otherwise.

Raised under the same roof with lots of love, CATS and DOGS can bond and make a lovey-dovey team.

Love, not war, maketh the world go round.

Check this out.

CATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE is a comedic romp targeted at the primary audience – kiddos from 5 to early teens – presented in glorious 3-D.

It also caters to the wholesome family crowd and for people who relish a second childhood and want to relive memories of their long gone formative years.

Kids will be thrilled to bits, having a whale of a time with the animals “looming” larger than life before their eyes, courtesy of the special 3-D spectacles provided.

We have a fine ensemble of actors lending their voices to these furry animals such as James Marsden, Nick Nolte, Christina Applegate, Bette Midler and Roger Moore.

Visual effects are amazingly realistic here.

Director Brad Peyton is competent at understanding what his target audience enjoys and expects from a comedy and he dresses this movie up with goofy escapades.

Overall the movie flows well with the apt animation and effects.

A JAMES BOND film acted by house pets?

Diggs (voice of James Marsden) is a police dog. He’s pretty much a disaster, a jinx when it comes to following orders. Still, he’s fearless and he hates cats, which is enough to get him recruited by D.O.G., a secret organization of canines dedicated to the eternal war against cats.

Diggs is paired with a reluctant partner, Butch (Nick Nolte), to help track down the elusive, bitchy and conniving Kitty Galore (Bette Midler).

But it’ll take help, first from a pigeon names Seamus (Katt Williams) and then from – surprise! – a cat.

Catherine (Christina Applegate) is an agent working for P.A.W.S., the feline counterpart to D.O.G.

It seems that Kitty was once a P.A.W.S. agent as well, but has since becomes a rogue and has a plot to turn humans against dogs, once and for all.

Chris O’Donnell is a police man called Shane, Diggs’ partner at the crime force, while Jack McBrayer plays a ballsy magician who owns Kitty, but cannot fathom this feline cat’s motives.

If you relish good old fashioned family entertainment …..

then THIS IS IT.

KITTY GALORE will pack in the laughter galore.

CATS & DOGS: The Revenge of Kitty Galore in mesmerizing 3-D will not disappoint.

Go for it!

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