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AFTERLIFE is the 4th installment of the much-anticipated RESIDENT EVIL franchise, based on the hugely successful game series.

Now, it’s back again – bigger, better – fast and furious, tearing the big screen apart in style with an equally explosive sound track, this time in 3-D presentation, no less.

So bate your breath as you witness ferocious fighters leaping out of the picture right before you!

The story’s timing transports us to the distant future where our wondrous world is suddenly ravaged by this dreadful T-virus infection that churns all victims into horrific zombies we call the UNDEAD.

Alice the heroine (MILLA JOVOVICH), continues on her perilous journey to “salvage” whatever survivors she can find and lead these people to safety.

It’s one treacherous mission spawned with unexpected obstacles and traps.

Time is running out for her, before the fatal contagion spreads its tentacles of doom further.

The experimental T-virus, concocted by the wicked Umbrella Corporation, has been unleashed onto the world, transforming the population into shambling, ravenous zombies.

Alice’s ugly battle with the Umbrella Corporation scales new heights, but this time round, Alice gets an unexpected collaboration from an old comrade-in-arms Claire (ALI LARTER) who’s now suffering from amnesia.

The two heroines set out on a courageous trek to Los Angeles where they expect to find a safe haven.

But upon arrival, the tables are upturned and they are shocked to discover a city overrun by a legion of UNDEAD.

Alice enlists a handful of survivors who are taking refuge in a dilapidated former prison.

Together, with her new found aides, they band together to battle the UNDEAD in order to escape extinction of the human kind.

MILLA JOVOVICH our avant garde heroine is again cold, aloof and strikes a steely presence as she plays Alice the fourth round in a role no less demanding than the previous ones.

Watch out for the PRISON BREAK’s poster boy WENTWORTH MILLER as he does a competent supporting dramatization. Here’s one eye candy to ogle at, for die-hard fans, should everything else fails.

The film is helmed by PAUL W.S. ANDERSON based on a screenplay written by him.

Gratifying actions?


These days, the buzzword is “3-D”.

Each passing day we’d hear of yet another movie that is planning to be released in 3D.

All these films will be piling high, causing a traffic jam, sooner or later, in 3D theaters.

For a fact, not all theaters are equipped with 3D screens. At least not for now.

So how far will 3D come – and where will this phenomenon take us to, next?

Currently, the 3D technology focuses on stereoscopic projections that serve to enhance the “illusions” we see.

The depth of perception involves projecting two images.

The viewer wears special spectacles that ensure one image goes into each eye

and the brain pieces the two together to give a true sense of solidity.

3D was once seen as complicated because technical issues often arise during acquisition, post-production and distribution.

But with booming business arising from rampant digital acquisition, distribution and projection systems – a lot of those problems have so far been eradicated.

So cinema goers can now look forward to appreciate a new dimension of the 3-D actions.

RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE is one high octane computer game movie on a mass zombie destruction that caters to a very loyal fan base.

It’s really kick-ass and immensely enjoyable for action buffs.

Put on those spectacles and be treated with the reality and pomp of a stupendous production.

After JAMES CAMERON’s AVATAR, this is another dignified epic that truly stays close to the 3-D class distinction.

With this rating, one can’t possibly go wrong.

For die-hard fans who are excited by the visual thrills of 3-D, treated to a first-class entertainment in the 3-D digital cinema helmed by a knowledgeable and meticulous director ……

RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE is indeed, a masterpiece.

The 3-D effects are strikingly real and elegant – where everything is like an open window, in definitive balance and depth.

GO WATCH, as experiencing is believing!


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