Friday, October 29, 2010

MY FRIEND. He has DEPARTED. Bless his Roaming Soul.

He left.

He Passed on.


Without the slightest of a murmur.

Not even a tearful goodbye.

I was late and shaken.

With disbelief.

He’s gone forever to another world where wondrous happiness will greet him.

Or so, I hope.

My friend ….

I am telling you.

It’s right HERE, (cross my heart)

The PAIN that was searing at my heart for a long while,

If only words can paint a thousand pictures,

Then I can describe how the wind howled a thousand banshees ….

How the rain darted in mad torrents …..

Splashing furiously across my paned window,

Making puddles of aimless designs on the glass.

I gaped, closed my eyes and questioned:

Are these my feelings of grief at this very moment?

Can I set myself free from the irksome past?

The past with those awful memories that are often lurking in the back of my mind,

I wanna free myself from this guilt of acknowledgement ….

To say a prayer for your roaming soul.

You are now in another dimension ….

You should learn from this day onwards

to embrace living as fully as you can in your realm,

You are now free to be YOURSELF,

And to soar even higher than you’d ever have imagined.

If only you had realized then that:

Life is oft too short

To ponder and worry,

But when you finally understood,

It was your time to leave!

Yeah, he is my friend.

My friend has departed.

This is an ODE to him.

Because he greatly matters.

He’s my DAD.

He passed on in the late 90s.

Bless his wandering soul.


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