Tuesday, October 12, 2010

THE OTHER GUYS Movie Review. What Does it Take to Be on the Front line?

THE OTHER GUYS Press Preview.

First, fellas … repeat after me ….

“THE OTHER GUYS” is a super duper kick ass ACTION COMEDY.

Yes, I mean, how else can you get your balls kicked?

The filmsy theme rests on this pair of deranged SMALL-time cops who are determined to make it BIG, at all costs.

Success has a price tag, right?

Everyone craves for recognition.

YOU don’t?

As in any competitive industry, you'd aspire to be up there on the pedestal as the shining STAR.

You wouldn’t want to be relegated to be a boot licking FOLLOWER, right?

So which category do you subscribe to?

THE OTHER GUYS is a hilarious police spoof taking a crack, so often, at our nutty men in blue.

It’s aimed to be a laugh-out-loud comedy.

It’s about madcap detectives on the beat, though not always for the brightest of reasons.

Was I blissfully tickled?

I have yet to laugh out loud as I see no valid reason for this.

But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying certain portions of the movie.

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Detectives Christopher Danson (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) and P.K. Highsmith ( Samuel L. Jackson) are celebrated STARS of the police force.

This duo rocks as they are crazily capricious.

But their devil-may-care attitude will soon cost them their dear lives.

This film cajoles us that being obnoxious and arrogant can sometimes put you up there on the front line.

It’s also a matter of timing and luck.

In the same office sits an unlikely pair – Detectives Allen Gamble (WILL FERRELL) and Terry Hoitz (MARK WAHLBERG).

These two partners are ardent FOLLOWERS, always horsing around as unwilling second-fiddle detectives in every case.

They are waiting for the right opportunities to come along, to receive their overdue credits.

They want to be “front-liners” (don’t everybody?), not just being labeled as “the other guys”.

Well, every dog is sure to have its fine day.

Soon Gamble and Hoitz stumble onto this seemingly innocuous case that no other detective wants to touch.

It’s the uncovering of the lid that exposes a big-time financial fraud …..

a probable corporate cover up full of insiders, informants and assassins.

It could be the opportunity of their lives,

but do these two blundersome blokes have the right mettle to solve the case?

This is where the wild goose chases begin …..

Danger stalks them.

The pairing of Ferrell and Wahlberg as a pair of oddball detectives work well

as they have an affable chemistry together.

From scene to scene their idiosyncrasies make us squirm and squeal.

Enough said about Ferell being the ultimate comedian

and that Wahlberg is the foul mouthed bully that he often plays.

These actors are charismatic.

They breathe a rollicking life-and-soul into their parts.

THE OTHER GUYS is a buddy action picture cluttered with funny characters creating funny moments.

Directed by ADAM McKAY, it provides you with a pocketful of laughs.

The plot takes second place.

It’s one raucously entertaining slice of slapstick. Or almost.

Amusing, curiously moving, more ….

It would be a real CRIME to miss this one.

Or at least, let me tell you so.

Make sure you laugh out loud.

Awww …. come on!

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