Friday, October 22, 2010

RED Movie Review. Watch SENIOR CRONIES and OLD BROADS as they BATTLE it OUT.


First of all, FOLKS, please do NOT attach any real meaning to this movie called RED.

There isn’t one.

It is just a madcap spoof, meant for the baby boomer who has intention to relive a second childhood, the artsy nutty and the intellectual doser.

Treat this as a fun-fun ride where mayhem reigns.

As far as the brand’s positioning is concerned …..

this MOVIE is targeted at a niche market …. senior citizens or loyal fans of the leading actors.

To describe this film, just borrow the title of an old film called “the GODS must be CRAZY” …

But as CRAZY as it may seem,

here’s an ACTION film starring old A-Lister farts such as BRUCE WILLIS, HELEN MIRREN, MARY-LOUIE PARKER, JOHN MALKOVICH and MORGAN FREEMAN and a cameo by a long lost actor RICHARD DREYFUSS.

See …… not even one single eye candy.

Rather, we have an odd gathering of old cronies and broads, yah?

Surely …

and loads of unintentional laugh-out escapades with the elderlies taking centre stage, having a whale of a time, shooting with machine guns and other types of weaponry.

Auchhhh, it’s one bloody mayhem, trust me.

Here’s the SYNOPSIS of this SPOOFY MOVIE:

Bruce Willis is Frank Moses – one cranky CIA agent, very much retired.

For want of nothing better to do and literally dying of sheer boredom, he calls Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) an administrative assistant in charge of his monthly retirement check every day, speaking from her office in Kansas City.

Though they have never met in person, Frank has the hots for this bubbly “voice” and hopes to hook up with her.

Well, that meeting happens sooner than planned because a team of assassins shows up in the night to kill Frank for his past deeds.

Being Bruce Willis, he takes them all out — “Red” stands for Retired, Extremely Dangerous — before going on the run.

He arrives at Kansas City and kidnaps Sarah, calmly explaining to her that the CIA is now inexplicably out to assassinate him for the reason that they’ve been talking together so much.

He whisks her down to New Orleans, where he begins the process of putting together a team of “old retirees” ripe for one more good fight against the foes.

First on the list is Morgan Freeman as Joe Matheson (Morgan Freeman).

Next comes John Malkovich as Marvin Boggs, an almost deranged paranoid bloke.

Last, there is this genteel killer called Victoria (Helen Mirren).

These “passe” folks used to be cold-blooded Government killers, now fleeing from their new management who’s out to get them.

Our SENIOR CRONIES AND BROADS then light up the screen with corny lines that rouse hip-roaring laughter and unwarranted violent action.

This is RED the movie, directed aptly by Robert Schwentke,who aims to entertain you with a “different” bunch of heroes (familiar famous faces who are lending their BIG names to dress up this hilarious film).

Go watch it if you aspire for something “different”.

It is chitty-chitty bang-bang all the way!

This is one movie you either love it to bits

or you’d like to bludgeon it to death.

Let’s see what’s YOUR score.


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