Sunday, November 28, 2010

DUE DATE Movie Review. It’s one scorching 3some RIOT when TWO OPPOSITES + ONE PET POOCH hit the ROAD.

DUE DATE Press Preview

STRESSED lately?

Then watching this movie can be a jolly good time to let your hair down.

Because it’s a ruckus.

More so, you can share a guffaw or two.

With a title as nutty as DUE DATE,

you can well pray to expect the unexpected.

The story weaves around two unruly characters who are poles apart.

Didn’t they preach that unlike poles attract?

Peter Highman (ROBERT DOWNEY JR) and Ethan Tremblay (ZACH GALIFIANAKIS) stumble into each other at the Airport.

They just don’t like each other very much, at a sniff.

Both trade hostilities and are peremptorily booted from their flight, under suspicion of being terrorists.

Peter is meticulous, prim and proper.

In contrast, Ethan is over zealous and hazily crazy.

Peter is debonair.

Ethan is definitely off-the-rack.

Peter is rushing to Los Angeles to be in time for his wife, to witness the birth of his first child.

Ethan on the other hand, is heading for Hollywood to pursue an acting career, not without his beloved, but very horny French bulldog SONNY.

Peter loses his wallet with his identifications and credit cards and has to rely on Ethan for help.

For all the wrong reasons, these two guys + one French bulldog pretended to tolerate each other,

and hit on a drive together to their respective destinations, in a rented car.

Thus begins their squabbling “bromance” (brotherly love).

But before the journey is over, we all know that true bonding will take place.

This odd couple will become the greatest pf chums,

but ONLY after the incessant ranting, griping, fisting and fighting.

Ethan, who suffers sometimes from insomnia, even masturbates in the car to the astonishment of Peter, witnessed also by his pooch SONNY who “yaps” in approval.

It’s as crazy as you can get.

The morale?

Just like a flower, a friendship needs time to blossom

and develop whilst gaining trust,

Each petal can portray a a different layer of friendship,

Some may earn bruises along the way,

Friendship attests the good times and the bad,

With arguments thrown in and then the fun part of making up.

DUE DATE is the latest dramedy from director TODD PHILLIPS, whose previous film, THE HANGOVER was among the best of 2009.

The “road trip movie” formula is well established.

Throw in two wacky characters in a car and set them out on a series of unbecoming adventures, conveniently designed to help them learn to appreciate each other by the end.

Will this be another achievement or feather in the cap?

The filmmaker has banked a small fortune for himself by making movies about overgrown adolescents, out of control and often on the move.

Stay braced and laugh at the DUE DATE’s madcap situations.

I, initially think it’s going to be a let-down film.

Little did I know that it’s this funnily good.

The wrap-up of this story – once Ethan arrives in Hollywood and achieves his dream job – is sentimentally delightful.

An entertaining script peppered with smart lines help to lift this movie way above the average spoof,

and the staunch chemistry between the two leads spark the entire fun ride.

Who’s this rotund actor with the funny name called ZACH GALIFIANAKIS?

He walks with a twaddle and he’s one real cutie.

Sometimes you wanna slap him but mostly you wanna hug him for being adorable.


He’s an actor who never falters,

is versatile and is wonderful in each and every of his screen role,

getting BETTER all the time.

To pair both of them in a summer comedy is a brilliant idea that works.

This film's tagline cajoles, "LEAVE YOUR COMFORT ZONE".

You should.

Life's too short for worries.

n’est-ce pas?

(isn’t this so)?

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