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You’re telling me that don’t have a FACEBOOK account?

Now, that’s a real pity …..

Just look at the bare facts.

Kids are smart these days,

even they are at it.

Soon those from the "old school" will be left far behind.

And if you are world weary, anyone can wallow as a recluse, but do remember that age is just a number

and nobody is ever too hopeless to be computer savvy.

‘Tis the digital age where both information and friendship are a “click” away from your fingertips.

Loneliness can be a thing of the past, as there’s this thing called e-friendship which is what FACEBOOK is all about ….

to CONNECT via the Social Network,

MAKING FRIENDS via the Social Network.

For starters, here’s a probing film that demonstrates that, with a bright idea, you never say die.

If you persevere, hope can rally round the corner …..

You may hit jackpot and be the next billionaire.

Nothing is impossible, but success often comes with a price tag.

You might never know when jealous comrades might come slapping you with lawsuits claiming intellectual property rights, as demonstrated by MARK ZUCKERBERG, the real CEO of FACEBOOK.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK takes a swipe at the FACEBOOK phenomenon.

Truth or fiction?

It’s based on the book The Accidental Billionaires, a semi fictionalised account on the founding of FACEBOOK.

In a tight capsule, it expounds the drama of friendship, loyalty, trust and betrayal.

We are shown that luck never gives. It only lends.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK is already attracting Oscar buzz.

With AARON SORKIN, the writer of A Few Good Men and TV’s The West Wing together and DAVID FINCHER, the stylish director of Fight Club, Panic Room and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button helming a killer cast, we are in for a stupendous treat.

It goes on to verify, that in any film industry, a really passionate and competent director is what it takes to call the shots.

Of course, A-listers help to sell the movie but it is the director that brings on the crunches.

JESSE EISENBERG as Mark Zuckerberg is superb casting. This dude is sure and sturdy and acts like a younger version of DUSTIN HOFFMAN.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE as Sean Parker and ANDREW GARFIELD as Eduardo Saverin are totally cool in their roles, rocking the e-geek look, playing guys who understand ambitions and pressure, having gone through them all.

Let’s delve into the SCRIPT by AARON SORKIN.

This writer exposes a truer-than-blue subject: the creation of the networking website FACEBOOK and the founder MARK ZUCKERBERG.

Is MARK the wise leader of an empire where loyalty is one ruthless word?

We are shown the incessant backstabbing among the various nerds and geeks to attest the fragility of true bondings.

Friendship are hard to make, yet so easy to crackle.

This is LIFE, because MONEY often speaks loud and so clear,

Popularity is a state of mind.

And GREED is about who you backstab to get the credit and the cash.

Who can you trust when you have a fantastic scheme that can build you as a billionaire?

Absolutely no one.

It’s pretty obvious that AARON SORKIN’s sordid script induces chilling thoughts from start to finish, with dialogues built around unsettling, provoking lines.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK is a palpitating drama that traces the founding of the internet social networking website FACEBOOK.

Boardroom mayhem and nasty lawsuits are exposed in good measure, layer by layer.

It’s one gripping, pow-wow power drama.

JESSE EISENBERG plays Mark Zuckerberg, a brilliant Harvard University student you might want to call a sociopath.

He’s this unsmiling, arrogant and sexed-up 19-year-old Harvard sophomore who is as socially maladroit as he is fearsomely smart.

And how well did EISENBERG play Mark Zuckerberg?

“What I discovered is that Mark is somebody who is ultimately kind of a lonely person, who has difficulty connecting because I think other people want to connect in a way he’s not comfortable with,” said the actor. “His reputation is inconsistent with his behavior. It seems to me he’s personable. And incredibly bright.”

MARK ZUCKERBERG, the founder of the FACEBOOK has this to say about himself:

He’s a fallible entrepreneur, admitting he had made “every mistake you can make.”

Yet more than 50% of Facebook’s more than 500 million users visit his site at least once a day.

“If you’re building a product that people love, you can make a lot of mistakes,” he offered.

MARK ZUCKERBERG also acknowledged that Facebook might not be “100% right” on privacy issues and in its current spat with Google.

“Frankly, it’s one of the reasons why being at FACEBOOK is so exciting,” he stipulated.

“We are at the forefront at some of these issues, which are really unsolved issues in the industry. The correct answer isn’t completely obvious.”

In the biopic movie, MARK teams up with a pair of preppy entrepreneurs to create an online social website, but soon after he switches camp and decides to collaborate with his best buddy Eduardo (ANDREW GARFIELD).

The becomes an instant smash, but Mark’s ex-partners see red and accuse him of stealing their concept.

Thereupon the drama unfolds.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK can be somewhat brooding, sometimes funny but mostly intellectual and deeply engrossing.

It’s one exhilarating, cutting edge movie making.

The explosive drama is bound to keep you glued to the edge of your seat.

Nothing short of brilliant, THE SOCIAL NETWORK is an emotive, eloquent film, treated in grand style by an equally brilliant director DAVID FINCHER.


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