Saturday, February 26, 2011

“THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU” Movie Review. Whatever the ODDS are, STOP in the NAME of LOVE.


Your destiny is in your own hands?


Will you readily accept whatever FATE lines up for you?


Will you do anything, everything in the name of LOVE?


Then let’s delve into this staccato type story about LOVE afflictions and the disjointed entanglements that come as part of a package.

A man ( MATT DAMON) ponders the future FATE has planned for him and realizes he cannot accept.

He is David Norris, a charismatic politician on the brink of winning a seat in the U.S. Senate.

He has just met a beautiful ballet dancer Elise Sellas (EMILY BRUNT) and he is giddy-eyed.

He has fallen for her. Hard.

No, he will not give her up, ever.

But some mysterious strangers suddenly lurk and conspire to keep the two love birds apart.

These are powerful men from THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU who control your life and fate and decide where you should be and who you should be with.

Free will doesn’t exist and you can’t change your pre-determined FATE.

If you were David, would you put yourself through your own logic, declaring that “everything happens for a valid reason”?

Bullshit, right?

As in everything, it’s easier said than done.

David discovers that he has to deal with the agents of FATE itself – these men from THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU – who will do everything in their considerable power to prevent David and Elise from being together.

In the face of overwhelming odds, he must face a choice.

To let her go and accept the predetermined path.

Or risk everything to defy FATE and be with her.

This is where the story unravels.

Writer/producer/director GEORGE NOLFI intends “ADJUSTMENT BUREAU” as a sci-fi suspense thriller.

But the final product is essentially, a love that defies the divine order to become a heartfelt romance that you’ll root for.

An intriguing thriller with strong performances by MATT DAMON and EMILY BLUNT who share an affable on-screen chemistry in rhythm and tone.

The fascinating script takes us through the aesthetic maze of mystery and fantasy, but in the end we can safely expect that it’s a case of mind over matter, and that it is all well that ends well.

Whatever odds that are stacked against you, will you ever stop in the name of love?

Will you …

Or won’t you?

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