Friday, February 11, 2011



So you are aghast at the subject of premarital sex?

Then skip this movie.

Because “NO STRINGS ATTACHED” is happily dedicated to frolicking “fuck buddies”.

It’s a joyous celebration of the promiscuous sex.

Tell your mum and watch her blush and frown.

The advertising slogan has already warned us that “FRIENDSHIP HAS ITS BENEFITS.”

The benefits are all relating to SEX.

This bold, romantic film takes a swipe at premarital coitus, proclaiming that casual sex is fine among bosom buddies.

If you are one “no-commitment” freak and swear by the condom, why not?

You have nothing to lose and SEX should then be no big deal.

‘Tis the digital age, modern times, where sex is here to stay.

The juicy plot:

ADAM (ASHTON KUTCHER) encountered EMMA (NATALIE PORTMAN) when they were adolescents at a summer camp. Reacquainted years later, they developed a new-found friendship.

ADAM, an assistant on a Glee-style TV series and the son of a 1980s sitcom star (KEVIN KLINE) is a good natured type of dandy smitten with EMMA, who is currently a doctor and by her own admission, allergic to serious relationships.

They end up as “sex buddies” swearing off any commitment. No courtship, no jealousies, both free to date anybody they fancy along the way.

Or is it really so?

Sex is a soulmate union uniting the body, soul and spirit.

Sex is performed naked and when this act is prolonged, heart palpitations and emotions are bound to develop during the intimacy.

Slowly, but surely.

As in this case, the inevitable happens and throws the whole arrangement into disarray.

The two fall head over heels in love.

And the trouble-go-round starts.

ADAM has always been attracted to EMMA and when he finally utters the “three-little-words”, she bolts for dear life.

In the acting department, PORTMAN has the right blend of brittle and charm.

KUTCHER on the other hand acts like a dejected pup whose breeziness does not disguise his vulnerability. He’s for real – because he does have feelings and he refuses to hide it when they take control.

Both are eye candies, sharing a sizzling hot chemistry onscreen.

The movie is filled with indelibly cute moments and fun dialogue that is hilariously raunchy.

PORTMAN displays her versatility in this romantic comedy. KUTCHER uses his physicality to generate laughs.

“NO STRINGS ATTACHED” takes you on a sexual romp, out from the bedroom onto the giant screen.

Directed by IVAN REITMAN, it’s a sweet treat for the modern mind.

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